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Kevin Garfield Ricks Child Pornography Charges – A Teacher Caught by Facebook

Kevin Garfield Ricks is a Virginia High School teacher who has been charged with child pornography. It’s a sad, sick world when you can’t even send your students to high school without worrying about predators.  Of course, school districts can do their due diligence and check backgrounds on everyone that comes in contact with students – but there are still wolves in sheeps clothing.

According to CNN, Ricks has allegedly had improper relationships with students dating back to the 70’s when he was a counselor for a camp for students with disabilities. He was caught only after a student alerted authorities because he saw an inappropriate comment on another student’s Facebook page that was from Ricks and mentioned an “experience.”

Upon investigation of Kevin Garfield Rick’s residence, authorities found child pornography on his computer.

Even though technology can be used to harm children, this instance points out that sometimes it’s technology that can help identify instances when an adult is acting inappropriately.  Had the diligent student not seen the comment on Facebook, who knows how long Kevin Ricks would fly under the radar and how many lives would be negatively impacted.

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    1. Susan says:

      Kevin is from my hometown. We were in the same youth group at church, though he is younger. I am sick over this story. I also worked at this same camp in VA and know how vulnerable these kids are.

      I am glad his game is over. I wonder if he was abused as a child. I remember him a gentle and quiet, but very pensive.


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