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Hell’s Kitchen 2010 – Season 7, Episode 13 Highlights and Recap

Hell’s Kitchen 2010 season 7 continued when in Episode 13 Gordon brought all his chefs in and taught them how to make a monkfish dish.  Then, a crew of non-chefs…aka ordinary joes…came in and the chefs had to teach them how to make the same dish.  This made for a very interesting combination.

Jay won the challenge and got a ride in the Goodyear Blimp, choosing Holli as his companion of choice. This showmance is really heating up the kitchen!

Did Autumn try to sabotage Holli by removing some fish? What was up with Ben and his beef? Holli got all stirred up and had some trouble undercooking her food, and with some bad karma for her trying to sabotage Holli (Chef Ramsey accused her – not me) she couldn’t get her spinach to come out right.

Everyone will tune in next week to see if any dishes are sent back or any chefs are sent home. This week, everyone got lucky and satisfied Chef Ramsey’s critical tastes.

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