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Jan Schill: “Do Not Vote for my Dad”, John Mantooth – Daughter Disses Dad!

Jan Schill says “Do Not Vote for my Dad”, who is John Mantooth.  This strange story is about a daughter dissing her father who is running for judge.  Mrs. Schill took out the ad with her husband, and it features a picture of her family.
Things have been rocky between Jan and John since he divorced her mother back in 1981.  Could this be a case of extreme “Parental Alienation Syndrome”? The situation in and of itself will give child psychologists something to ponder for years to come. Could it be that years of daddy dissing turned Jan Schill into a father-hating demon child-turned adult?

Or could it be that her father has been sued on multiple occasions, and she doesn’t want to see him on the bench.  Of course, John Mantooth’s opponent is likely very happy for this campaign that benefits him and that he did not have to pay for.

Mantooth is “hurt” and “disappointed” by his daughter’s ad. He also says that family business should not be dragged into the public domain.

Do you think John is right, or do you think his daughter was justified in her action?

    3 Responses to “Jan Schill: “Do Not Vote for my Dad”, John Mantooth – Daughter Disses Dad!”

    1. rusty b. shackleford says:

      I have looked over the source documents on Ms. Schill’s website ( Not only does this man NOT belong on the bench, he does not belong in polite society.

    2. Sam Chiodo says:

      I would have to agree with Rusty. Looking over the documents proves only one point and that is NOT that Mr. Mantooth has been a victim of the pseudo scientific theory of parental alienation syndrome but rather he has been an a**hole and his children have seen that. People need to stop labeling every kid that dislikes their father as PAS (as its only used against mothers) and take notice that YOU are to blame for the way your children think of you. Again to reiterate what Rusty posted….. from the looks of it He does NOT belong on the bench or belong in polite society!

    3. TargetNoMore says:

      The documents that she posts mean nothing. Where are the decisions in the cases? Anyone can file, anyone can appeal. These just show that something was filed. Period. That’s why after you file something you have a trial, so the facts can be sorted out. It’s an unfortunate fact that people lie all the time, even in filings. Posting these documents as facts is misleading. Accusations don’t equal guilt.

      As for the mother and daughter’s behavior. I would think it is highly suspicious of both of them to take their hate to this level. This has gone beyond “I don’t like him and don’t want anything to do with him.” They want him ruined. They want everyone to hate him as much as they do. That’s extreme.

      I feel for everyone involved. What a terrible position to be in.


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