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America’s Got Talent 2010: Highlights, Recap

America’s Got Talent 2010 (AGT 2010) aired last night, and it was a great event. Although not as popular as American Idol, it’s still interesting to see what kind of zany characters we got here in the great ol US of A.

Piers will be moving on to Larry King soon, if the rumors are true, so his fans need to catch him in this season, lest he leave next season.

The acts were both good and bad. “South Philly Vikings” got backings from Howie and Sharon – even though there was some hesitation.

CJ Rapper impressed, and Polina Volchek was dubbed “boring” by Piers in a very Simon Cowell-esque moment.

The Strange Familiars did something…strange and sang “Time after Time.” The judges were bumfuzzled…but maybe that’s the point. They are…well…strange.

This was the first episode of the quarter finals.  We are getting closer and closer each episode where we will find out who has the best talent in the land.

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