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Sony PlayStation PS3 Update 3.41: Release Date, Features

The Sony PlayStation PS3 Update 3.41 release date is uncertain, and already people are starting to realize that the newest PS3 update may not have all the features that they desire.

Similar to the Xbox 360 upgrade, the PS3 update will feature a recommendation button in the store, which will allow users to recommend or fail to recommend products. It will also have an auto-update capability to wake itself up, download the update, and then go back to sleep after it is installed.

I am not sure I like the last feature that I just discussed.  I would not like my computer to be able to wake itself up for an install of updates. I may nor may not wish to update my PS3 at the time that the updates are pushed out. And what if the update has some sort of glitch? By the time it’s discovered, all the PS3s will have already downloaded it.

Cross-voice chat, or the ability to chat across multiple games, is something that many gamers desire.  Sony hasn’t included that in the 3.41 update, and it’s uncertain as to whether or not it will come in updates to come.

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    1. VinTheDean says:


      You can already Cross Text Chat. What you can’t do is Cross Voice Chat.

      You may want to clear that line up.

    2. M says:

      Cross game chat is simple, Get Skype or some other program that suffices. I guarantee that Skype will always be better in call quality, plus it wont bog your system down like a mo’. I would like to think that most people who have a PS3 have a computer, a wireless mic (or if you are close enough to a computer, a wired mic) and a free program wont set you back. Cross game chat would be cool and all, but there are way better things to acquire than the ability to listen to all my friends complain about lag on a different game.

    3. Robb Ludwig says:

      I applied this update, 3.41, and it made it to 99% installed, then froze. If I restart, it goes through the update process again, and freezes. I can’t get to safe mode, so can’t install from USB drive. Can’t get to XMB to do anything else either.

      Just play the reinstall game over and over again. It’s not much fun.

    4. robert says:

      I just got the update yesterday around 8 pm (Los Angeles time)…. it hasn’t change anything really, I already had the auto update about a mouth ago and it works fine it would be great if you can customize it to download what you want and not just turn on and down load what they want you to down load. just trying to find out what ells was it updating???? I wish they would update the flash player and the divx player that and update I been waiting on for mouth now…………

    5. Hutch says:

      What I want is to play music through my PS3 while playing whatever game I choose. After I sold my Elite and got a PS3 I was sorely disappointed to learn I couldn’t do the same. That needs to be in an update soon if not the next.

    6. PSquirrel says:

      Er… the auto-download has been in effect since the last update, and only PSN+ users can use the feature. All other users must manually accept the downloads.

    7. Rueben says:

      I think this is a pretty useless update but without an update I can’t play online so Sony had better hurry up with this update

    8. Firebase says:

      Ruben hit the nail on the head, without even knowing it. You HAVE to accept updates to the PS3 in order to be ALLOWED to play online, even if the updates have no bearing on the online game play. The last update added Cinivea DRM to the blu-ray and the media streaming capabilities of the PS3 rendering it unable to play copied videos…which it has done without a hitch up until last month….It’s MY frakken machine and they have reduced it’s usage to me without my permission….

      • George says:

        I think everyone should submit complaints to sony’s ps3 support website maybe then will we be able to choose usable updates. It might not hurt to mention that in future one might consider Xbox or other brand for purchase.

    9. Firebase says:

      BTW I just got another update this morning…only God knows what they did this time.

    10. RBeast38 says:

      NOT TO MENTION IT BRICKS PS3s THAT ARE UPGRADING HARD DRIVES!!! For some reason the update can’t be loaded from a USB or other external media, so anyone who tries to upgrade a hard drive (or has to reformat or something else that would require external media) is screwed. Tons of people on sony’s website (including me) are livid

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