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Lindsay Lohan Released? Not This Week, According to LA Sheriff’s Department

Lindsay Lohan released? The actress, who is serving an ultra short sentence, was rumored to be able to be released this week.  According to new reports surfacing, the LA Sheriff’s department has indicated that the former “Parent Trap” star will stay incarcerated for the week.

Shawn Chapman Holley, the actress’s lawyer (on-again-off-again) previously indicated that she was hopeful that her client would return home as early as this week.  Unfortunately that is not the case.

There have been reports that Lohan has spent her time behind bars crying and being miserable.  Getting a dose of reality could be enough to wake her up and help her stop acting a fool once she is again released. Many note that the true need for the broken soul is rehab, so that she can get over her substance abuse and mental health issues.

The law is making an example out of LiLo.  Perhaps other young actors and actresses will think twice before disregarding court orders like Lohan did.

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