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SB1070: 12 Pei-Wei Employees Fired after Attending Anti-Arizona Immigration Legislation Rally

Pei-Wei employees were fired after attending an anti-SB1070 rally in Arizona.  The company, which is based in Scottsdale, is a popular Asian food restaurant chain with locations throughout the US.  According to various reports, 12 or more workers at a restaurant in Chandler failed to report to work.  All of said workers were Hispanic.

The company said that the workers violated the company’s attendance policies.  The workers are not union workers (I have yet to hear of a restaurant that HAS unions in place), but Industrial Workers of the World plans on helping the fired workers, as the company is reported to have been very selective in the enforcement of their policies.

If Pei-Wei has had other instances where employees have missed work to attend rallies, but escaped with warnings instead of getting fired, the company could have a very high-profile legal battle on their hands.  SB1070 is the controversial immigration reform which is set to go into place in Arizona later this month.

Do you think that Pei-Wei was justified in firing their employees, or should they have allowed them off the hook because they were attending a political rally?

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    1. kb says:

      Pei-Wei management will not even discuss their absentee policy with the workers; this is why the workers and the Phoenix Arizona U.S.A. branch of the Industrial Workers of the World have called for a boycott of Pei-Wei and it’s parent company P.F. Chang’s.


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