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Jessi Slaughter (Kerligirl13): Cyberbullying Create YouTube Meltdown

Jessi Slaughter is Kerligirl13, and had a very public YouTube meltdown.  The 11 year old girl hurled verbal obscenities at her critics, who lied about her sexuality on the popular teen Web site,  Because of the chaos caused by Slaughter, that site and another by the name of have become under scrutiny because of cyberbullying.  4chan allows users to leave totally anonymous comments about whatever they feel – so there’s no accountability for one’s words.

The cyberbullying experienced by Slaughter was extreme; she received death threats, unwanted deliveries, and even had to be taken into protective custody.

Although the cyberbullying is extreme, it wasn’t as extreme as that experienced by Phoebe Prince.  Prince was a high school student who killed herself after being a cyberbullying target.  Those who harassed her were criminally prosecuted.  There’s no word so far if anyone will face criminal charges for the Jessi Slaughter saga.

Parents need to keep an eye on their children to ensure that they are not becoming cyberbullying targets or actually being the ones to commit cyberbullying attacks.

    10 Responses to “Jessi Slaughter (Kerligirl13): Cyberbullying Create YouTube Meltdown”

    1. Yeah says:

      LMAO… Internet gangsta drops in and rudely calls the news blogger a dumbass over a slight typo. The cycle starts again because this is what happens due to low intelligence created by a lack of education and increased drug abuse.

    2. jenny says:

      jessi if you are reading this then good…you started a internet mehem…calling other people loser..look whos talking your the real loser that screwed up your life….i bet you don’t have friends thats because you bullyed them…..and jessi get a life oh wait you already blew it you decided to cyberbully bad choice >:^P

    3. jenny says:

      jessi your a bi*** for death threats and abussing your webcam get a real life and get some friends

    4. rimma says:

      your a bi*** jessi for death treats and much much more you screwed up your life and abused your privilage to post videos im glad your not you would have got ppl killed ty alot of start this

    5. Jo says:

      You done goofed 😀

    6. sole42 says:

      I don’t know if you are aware that this 4chan bullys are it again.
      This time they are targeting a Toyota’s web page, namely Toyota’s Sponsafier2 contest that is supposed to take people’s online design of a car painting and make it a real, sponsored car. After seeing the story on Good morning America I visited 4chan page after a few days out of curiosity, and noticed a post some someone that made a car with “trollface” image on it and gave a link
      and instructions how to vote for it over and over again, so it would get more votes than any other.
      I checked Toyota’s page again today and noticed that the “Trollcar” entry has gained over 30,000 votes in the last two weeks, and now is the top rated design. I mean, this can’t be real people’s votes, can they?
      I think this is a deliberate scam that has the goal to promote 4chan and it’s worst, especially after what I have seen on Good morning America show. As a concerned parent, I think we should not allow such a shame to happen again, laughing at our face.
      I hope my little voice counts.

      • MGMX says:

        It doesn’t. Nothing will stop the legion of 4chan known as anonomous, and /b/. They keep people in line and make sure they tighten the strings, albeit in a pretty iron fist way.

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