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Last Female Rhino in South African Park Killed by Poachers

The last known female rhino in a South African Park has been killed by poachers. This means that the Rhino will be extinct in this particular park.  The death of the creature has spawned an outcry; the public wants stronger regulations and heftier fines against those that kill endangered species.

So why would poachers kill a rhino? There’s growing demand for the horns on the creature, and these people feel that the horns are worth more than the animal’s life.  This is tragic and sad, as this is a very unique animal and one that many people will likely never see in their lifetime.

The horns are used to make trinkets and decorations.  Perhaps a ban on items made out of this substance would help squelch the demand, in turn reducing the incidences in which the rhinos are killed.

The female animal was not alone; she was the 136th of the species to be killed this year alone.

    5 Responses to “Last Female Rhino in South African Park Killed by Poachers”

    1. brian says:

      do your research – it was the last female rhino in a specific park in South Africa – NOT the last female rhino in South Africa.

      There are about 20,000 black and white rhinos – male and female – left in South Africa.

    2. Uma says:


      Don’t be too greedy for money. May Mother Nature kill you one day for you own greedyness! Save the Nature, save the wild life. You are living because of them you Idiots.

    3. puma says:

      this one goes out to uma.
      right onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

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