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Pacquiao vs Margarito: Boxer Replaces Mayweather for November Fight

Pacquaio vs Margarito will be a big boxing match which will take place in November.  Everyone was hoping that Manny Pacquiao would go up against his arch nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, Jr but that fight won’t take place.  The two were said to be [again] in negotiations but Mayweather missed a deadline to accept a deal to fight Pacquiao in November.

Instead, the Filipino fighter, who most recently made the transition from the boxing ring to life as a politician, will fight Margarito.

Although the Pac Man is now a Congressman in his native Philippines, but knows that his people love him as a fighter. His rumored opponent, Antonio Margarito, is a highly ranked boxer.

The fight is said to be taking place in Las Vegas on November 13.  It’s bound to be a huge fight that will rake in millions of dollars for both fighters. Maybe after the Pac Man beats out Margarito, Mayweather will be ready to fight.

    26 Responses to “Pacquiao vs Margarito: Boxer Replaces Mayweather for November Fight”

    1. dj says:

      Manny fighting Margarito is a joke. Why not fight Paul Williams, Serio, Berto, heck even Mosley. This is starting to become a circus. Manny wont do a blood test and says that Mayweather missed a deadline? The last I checked Mayweather beat Mosley who was the Champ! How does the challenger set any deadlines to the new champ? What boxing world are we living in cause its not earth. Regardless if you like Mayweather or not, hes the champ its his rules or no rules and all he wants is a FAIR FIGHT whats the problem with that?

      • airmoks says:

        The last time I heard was Pacquiao being proclaimed as the “Boxer of the Year” and the “Boxer of the Decade”. Also, I also heard that he is the reigning WBO Welterweight Champion. Mosely who is an old man at 38 years old when he fought Mayweather lost to Cotto who was demolished by Pacquiao. The last time I also heard is that there is the Nevada Boxing Commission that regulates boxing. Why should Pacquiao bow down to Mayweather’s demand? Pacquiao’s legacy is already set in stone in boxing history whether you like it or not. All Mayweather has to do is sign the contract and fight the boxer the Mayweathers call “faggot” and “Filipino midget”. I am sure the faggott and Filipino midget from Mindanao would love to have a chance to shut his mouth. But it is obvious that Mayweather is scared because he might have a face like Cotto or De la Hoya after the fight.

        • dj says:

          your right all he has to do is sign a contract. but all manny had to is take a blood test for the biggest payday in boxing history! all he has to do is take a test that will shut floyd’s and the rest of the worlds mouth! But he doesnt… now all of sudden he will but after the fight…hmm guess he found a PED thats gone by then… come on man… shut my mouth and everyone elses then go out and beat floyd… Mosley took the test whats the problem??

        • Nook says:

          You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everywhree!

        • Elifnur says:

          You see the problem is that bnoxig has gone from a true gladiator art to a bank check. Back in the day a boxer wanted to be not just a champion but the champion now all these promoters have dirtied bnoxig and boxers minds. To say Mayweather, Pacman, or any of these guys today are even close to say Ray Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran or even Chavez should be considered blasphemous. I would like to know what you think Bruce. By the way if you cleaned up the language for radio or TV I think anyone who doesn’t see the ability you have to be huge is nuts.

      • casey says:

        okay mister DJ. You’re still a freakin idiot… Manny DID agree to a bloodtest… the agreement that was made between both parties was a legit agreement… a lot of it was granting what mayweather wanted… Manny signed the damn thing, but WHY did mayweather NOT sign it? and all he can say is “maybe next year” what is up with that? mayweather will ONLY fight manny if he KNOWS he would win… everyone and their mom wants to see this fight… but whatever… at least manny already proved that he wasn’t a pussy to fight mayweather… he even said to have a bloodtest AFTER the fight… all these things factored in to prove that manny is foreal… but mayweather kept pushing with more and more excuses…

        • dj says:

          WHAT WORLD ARE YOU ON ???? MANNY DIDNT SIGN SHIT!!! YOU FUCKEN PAC TARD PUSSY!! Mannys cheating ass manager agreed to the blood test at first then Crackman decided that he didnt want to take it because it would make him weak! YOU FUKEN DUMB FAGGOT… HOW MANY NEEDLES HAVE YOU TAKEN THAT MADE YOU WEAK? BESIDES MANNY NEEDLE YOU TAKE UP YOUR ASS!!! Fuk that if YOUR FAGGOT ASS offered me 40 MILLION DOLLARS we can fight right now. Thats unheard of money!!! BUT “MONEY” Wayweather doesnt want the fight right? hahahahhahaha your a fucken joke! This guy is obviously on PEDs and his next fight against a known cheater is just the right one… cheater against cheater!!

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        • Philipp says:

          3 large screens, great sound setysm, an expected crowd of 500 that will bring the house down, plus raffle prizes, freebies and breakfast/drink for only Php 500. Come and join the fun at the Elbow Room, Metrowalk, Ortigas and witness boxing history unfold LIVE!!! PACQUIAO vs. MOSLEY on May 08, Sunday.1 VIP room still available. For the Benefit of the Dare to C.A.R.E. Smokey Mountain Youth Development Programs of JCI Manila. Contact 400-8716 or 0923-585-5957 . See you there

    2. SugarRayDuran says:

      To dj below: you are an idiot. Do you even watch boxing or do you just read about it. Margarito has ten times as many fans as P. Williams,Mosely,Berto or Martinez. Another thing, Mayweather is not the new champ. He refused to pay the sanctioning fee before the Mosely fight because he said “belts are good for nothing but collecting dust” when in truth he knows he would have to defend it against the #1 contender. He don’t have the balls for that so he has NO BELT.The only thing he’s done since he’s been back is fight a guy two divisions below him and a 38 year old Mosely. Your boy is the biggest pu$$y in boxing and the whole world see’s it.

      • Reality Check says:

        and that’s the whole truth about money may not wanting sugar shane’s belt. so he won’t have to defend it against pacman.

        oh, and mosley nearly mayweather when they fought… holding on for dear life on mosley’s arms like a chimp he is… all yap!!!

        • Reality Check says:

          nearly knocked down, i mean

          • dj says:

            your right he almost did get dropped but hes too smart and held on… BUT whats wrong with that? was he supposed to stand there and get knocked out?… hes a boxer hahahha thats what the smart ones do when they get hit or hurt… they hold on……pacmans too stupid to do that, thats why he got his ass beat by a LEGIT BOXER!! Morales! And yes he did come back and knock him out and im glad they fought again… but who is to say he wasnt juicen then. I HOPE hes not on anything… I HOPE hes pure hard work and dedication… he will be solidified in my book as the GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME but in order to do that all he has to do is agree to the olympic style test. I beleive all of boxing should go to that. That is the only way to show that true hardwork and dedication will get you where you want in boxing. The test cant be that bad because if they were then why would the GREATEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD HAVE TO TAKE THEM?

        • Allan says:

          Floyd is way past his prime and will be beat and I believe psuenhid. When Floyd was in his prime there were many who would have beat him. Emmanuel Stewart just chuckles everytime Floyd Mayweather calls himself one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever. I chuckle too.I probably would buy the fight but the price isnt even realistic. Maybe pay 10 bucks TOPS. I watch UFC where there is WAY MORE action and is only 45 dollars with several good fights on the card. Boxing is dreaming with these kind ofprices.

        • Maria says:

          that Ray Leonard was 2 times as fast as Mayweather???. That guy lost all my respect with that stmeatent. He let me know he was a hater when he said that. I could understand if he thought Ray was faster than floyd. But 2 times as fast?? C MON MAYN . Its crazy how Mayweather faces opponents beats them easily. And then all of sutton the guy that he beats is garbage all of sutton. Or he was to old to small or to slow. People gave Floyd hell for fighting Marquez who is all-time great Mexican fighter. Floyd not only beat him but he won every round. Now I understand Marquez came from 135 to 147. But so did Duran when he fought Sugar Ray. Duran came from 135 to 147 and beat Ray. Nobody down talked Sugar Ray for taking that fight. Delhoya did the samething agaisnt Mosely. Mosely came from 135 to fight Delhoya at 147. This is example of how other fighters allowed to get away with stuff that Floyd cant get away with.

      • dj says:

        hahahahhahahhaaaa OF COURSE I WATCH but obviously you dont!! but i dont need to explain nothing to your fucken cracktard ass. Put it like this Mannys pussy is hurting and you faggots are there to kiss it. But your so blind that you wont answer the fucken question…. IF FLOYD MAYWEATHER WAS SO SCARED THEN WHY DID HE “AGREE” TO EVERY DEMAND THAT MANNY WANTED(ring size-glovesize-location-amount of money split and loss if him and only him shows up over weight lmao)? IF MANNY WAS SO READY TO FIGHT FOR PROBABLY THE BIGGEST PAYDAY THAT HE WILL EVER GET and SHUT EVERYONES MOUTH “WHY NOT TAKE THE TEST”? But once again you cracktards will find an excuse for your fighter…. oh it will make you weak…ummmm its a mind thing about needles before a fight….uhhhh i’ll take the piss test that should be good enough… LISTEN DICKFACE im not a FLOYD FAN… or A MANNY FAN …IM A BOXING FAN! Its funny that crackman gets he ass kicked by Torrecampo AND Singsurat and AND couldnt even make weight… THEN gets completely out boxed by Morales….but moves up in weight against LEGIT welterweights with LEGIT POWER like COTTO and just walks threw them..hmm of course he wont take a “RANDOM” BLOOD TEST… Google what Cotto says and they are friend.. Google what Malignaggi or Cintron or Mosley say… LOOK MAN SHUT EVERYONES MOUTH AND “TAKE THE TEST”. Would you turn down 40MILLION DOLLARS over olympic style drug test? Do you beleive that fights should be FAIR? If olympic style drug test are going to do anything wrong or bad to an athlete then why in the world does the OLYMPICS DO IT!!! THE GREATEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD TAKE THESE TEST….FLOYD SAID HE WILL DO IT SO WHY WONT MANNY? Take crackmans dick out your mouth and ask him that!!!

    3. Daniel C. says:

      Good points, but lets not forgot the obvious. Look at the latest news concerning Lance Armstrong, we are living in the time of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Mosley admitted to using and passed the urine test so we all know that it goes on, so did Holyfield, James Toney, and Fernando Vargas. Whether you are rooting for Mayweather or Pacquiao, PEDs are an issue that must be addressed if we want to ever see fair fights both now and in the future. True boxing fans love the sport, and want to see two hard working fighters go at it to see who is the best. But that is not possible if you are running against Marion Jones, or pitching to Barry Bonds. It will absolutely ruin boxing if something is not done to clean up the sport and expecting the Nevada commission to do it is not good enough. Cheating is so rampant in sports that nothing is sacred anymore I was naive to think it had not reached boxing. It is not fair to thin of the possibility of a fighter giving his all in the gym only to find himself across the ring from someone who has unfair advantage. This is bigger than Mayweather vs Pacquiao this for the sport of boxing. Put your flags down for a second and think of the future, these two guys are going to be retired soon and what kind of sport is going to be left behind.

    4. John says:

      Floyd is scared…Manny would win, 1st round knock out!

      • dj says:

        maybe he would win first round knockout and i would love to see it but its not going to happen because floyd doesnt have to fight him. and if hes going to loose his 0 then dont you think it should be a fair fight. i mean if thats not the case them floyd should just bring a gun to the ring an shoot him?…wouldnt that be the same thing but i guess mannys motto is “its only cheating if you get caught”… so now hes fighting a known cheater… cmon man you got to think something about that situation. its just a random needle and you get the chance to beat a guys ass that you dont like and get paid 40 million dollars… come on bro i would do that now, today for 10,000 bucks!

      • Carolina says:

        By Don DonatelloAt the age of 16 he was fighting at the 106 pound disoviin. In his early 30′s and now campaigning at the Welterweight disoviin, he fought for the 154 pound, Light Middleweight title, does that translate to steroid use? So he knocks Ricky Hatton down and then eventually knocks him out in spectacular fashion, is that attributed to steroids too? His win over Juan Manuel Marquez, and Oscar De La Hoya too, are you going to claim those wins are because of steroids? I suppose the P4P title he attained is also due to steroids, right? If so, what proof do you have? He has never tested positive for steroid use; every test he ever took came out negative for PEDs and steroids.Let us explore the career path of one of the most talented, well known, and celebrated boxers of our time. Keep an open mind and don’t assume anything, discard your bias, don’t judge the man based on the color of his skin, judge him on his character as a man. Take into account how he live his life outside of the ring, the action that mirrors his character as a man, and not what he does inside of the ring.Many proclaim him as the best P4P, and many more give him the edge over his rival as the best fighter of the era. Some of course disagree and give his rival the nod as the P4P titlist and the best fighter of the era.From 106 pounds at 16 years old, to 147 pounds in his 30′s, he won convincingly over many, except MAYBE a certain fighter from Mexico. The Mexican fans were adamant at their insistence that their countryman had won. A big outcry over the scoring ensued, each side claimed that their side had won. The Mexican fans wanted a rematch, eventually a rematch was made. This time the Mexican weigh in with a full one pound advantage. The weight advantage didn’t matter in the final outcome of the fight, the Mexican fighter lost. With the Mexican currently at age 37, a third fight will not happen. Let’s recap and go back to the beginning.In his early 20′s he captured his first WORLD title, the WBC title at his weight disoviin. Years pass and his body eventually grew and he moved up to the Lightweight disoviin. In his first foray into the Lightweight disoviin, he fought a Mexican for the WBC Lightweight Champion at the time. At weigh-in, he weighed in half a pound smaller than his counter part. His Mexican opponent was bigger and stronger, but he used his superior speed to wrest the Lightweight title from his Mexican opponent.Not resting on his laurels, he moved up again to capture another world title, the Jr. Welterweight title, by a very impressive and dominant stoppage. Within just about half a year from his last fight at the Jr. Welterweight disoviin, he went up to fight for the Welterweight title. In this fight, the early rounds was very competitive. It was a give and take fight in the early rounds; but he eventually solved his opponent’s style and came out with another world title.Now in his early 30′s, it was clear that his true weight class was in the Welterweight disoviin. But he wanted a challenge to further his career and legacy. There were speculations of him fighting out of his natural weight to fight a bigger opponent for a title at the Light Middleweight disoviin. Many were saying that his opponent was rusty and was also at one time inactive in boxing for a stretch of around one year. The promoters went to work and the fight ensued. Though he was outweighed by his larger opponent, he used his superior speed to win the 154 pound title and he added another trophy to his many collection of Championship titles. Of course there were many who didn’t think much of his win over an older opponent. The detractors were claiming that the former Champion was washed up and old. The former Champ showed great courage in the loss but vowed to continue fighting.So by now you might be asking about the steroid allegations.He kept his speed as he went up in weight, is that proof of steroid use? There are some that say his rise in weight that spans all the way up to the Welterweight disoviin is proof that he used steroids. Others point out his ability to beat bigger opponents, and they also point out the disproportionate head size that is associated with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) usage.Before you convict the man, let’s recap once more. At 16 years old he was fighting at the 106 pound disoviin. He gradually started moving up in weight capturing many Championship titles along the way. He eventually went up in weight and his body settled to its natural size at the Welterweight disoviin. For a challenge, he fought a bigger opponent for the Light Middleweight title and won. He knocked out Ricky Hatton in spectacular fashion, he fought and beat the PPV King in Oscar De La Hoya, and he also beat Juan Manuel Marquez. Through his upward trek at the weight disoviins, he kept a lot of his speed. Along with talent and skills, speed was what enabled him to beat his bigger opponents. He believes that his speed and quickness are god-given, he believes that he was blessed by his god with natural talent and abilities. With all that said about this fighter, let me ask you something.ARE ALL THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND SUCCESSES DUE TO STEROID USE BY THIS FIGHTER?Please provide the irrefutable proof if your answer is yes. Do you have irrefutable proof or just an opinion. If you answered yes, I want you to give me your reason why you think that Floyd Mayweather Junior is using steroids! That’s right, this article is about the career path of Floyd Mayweather Junior. Surprise? Why are you surprise? Did it open your mind to something? With what you know and learned about Floyd’s career path, do you still believe that Manny Pacquiao could not accomplish what he did without using steroids? Do you still think that Manny is using steroids. If you believe that Manny Pacquiao is using steroids, then you must convict Floyd Mayweather on the same grounds.In my research for this article, I found so many things that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have in common. Their careers eerily traversed in a very similar path. The difference between the two are how they live outside of the ring. They are diametrically oppose in their lifestyle. That is why a fight between the two will be the biggest selling ever. It will smash the PPV record of 2.4 million buys .I believe it will happen when Floyd sees a chink in Pacquiao’s armor, sometime in 2012 or early 2013, forget about 2011. 0

    5. Pacquiao vs Margarito says:

      Manny vs Antonio this is a great challenge for the both of them. Both are at the peaks of their career. Antonio is good, but Manny has already proven that he is unbeatable, fearless, skillful and a great giant killer. Antonio is the last great Mexican world champion standing. When Manny beats Margarito like other great Mexican champions, he will be considered the best in the world. With this fight there is no question that Manny will shatter Oscars vs Floyd’s record ppv of 2.44 million. Its time to shock the world again. I would think that Pacquiao would take early rounds with his speed and proven ability to get inside bigger men with footwork and head movement. However Pacquiao has been hurt by fighters with far less power than Margarito like Juan Manuel Marquez and eventually Manny would slow down or Antonio would catch him and overwhelm the smaller man. I haven’t seen margarito fights but If he’s that good. I don’t think pacman will back down a fight against margarito. Pacquiao is the kind of fighter who likes to fight stronger opponents. He likes to be the underdog. Just like when he first fought barrera when he (barrera) was on his prime (2003).The challenge like this will make pacman more excited more motivated to train harder to become the best boxer that he can be.

      • Mira says:

        Bruce, I definitely enjoy your inriamftoon and your videos because you bring both facts and perspective which creates the proper analysis that is needed to have good, healthy and intelligent debates. Sugar Ray Leonard is certainly, one of my favorite boxers of all-time, next to Ali, Frazier, Tyson, Holyfield and Foreman. For me, he is 3rd on my list behind Ali, and Frazier, but number 1 on my all-time welterweight list. SRL’s technique, footwork and boxing IQ were brilliant. Pacquaio and Mayweather cannot even lace up Ray Leonard’s gloves, let alone be in the same sentence as him. Pacquaio looked foolish against Marquez, and even though Mayweather has defense, Leonard can break through his defense and tear down his philly shell guard like the Berlin Wall. Pac-Man and Floyd have fough each other’s leftovers and sloppy seconds that consists of nothing but has-beens and scrubs. Fighters like Tommy Hearns, Duran, Hagler and Benitez would beat the breaks off of both them. Sugar Ray had greater competition and had better performances against his opponents than these guys have.

      • Arham says:

        I respectfully deigarse. In my opinion Sugar Ray Leonard’s hand speed, footwork, punching power, intensity, reflexes, and overall athleticism would be too much for Floyd. Furthermore, Floyd has never fought, or will fight, the level of competition Sugar Ray Leonard did, so in addition to not being the athlete Ray was, he’ll never have the legacy Ray has. As for Manny, he doesn’t even qualify for the discussion. He doesn’t move his head after punching, he does not cut the ring off, he doesn’t go to the body, he’s off balance when he punches, and so on and so forth. In my opinion Pacquiao wouldn’t last ten rounds against SRL. (Tommy Hearns, Wilfred Benitez, and Roberto Duran would tuck Manny into bed)@ Christian The fact that you’re stupid enough to make a comment to the effect SRL and Duran retired because they saw Floyd and Manny coming speaks to not only the failure of the American education system, but to the decline of Western Civilization as well.

    6. bob says:

      i would go for pacman all the time but if pacman vs margarito does happen then i have to go with margarito so he can break pacmans title as the mexacutioner cause im mexacan. BROWN AND PROUD!

    7. Latoya says:

      We need a lot more ingsiths like this!

    8. Luvpuff says:

      No one is saying why the guard didn’t let him in If he was white or anodbyy else he wouldn’t have asked for ID I hope he sue the security company If I have a multi-million dollar home no small time flashlight cop gonna tell me I have to show my ID to get in my house that I pay HOA fees that pay the guards salary. Clearly he’s trying to provoke him so he can get a lawsuit .but I did research and found out they only suppose to ask for ID if its a guest not the homeowner .LAWSUIT!!!!!!!KARMA. -1


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