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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Break-Up, Dating, or What?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are constantly in the center of a media flurry.  So what is it that these stars are doing these days, anyways? There’s been a lot of speculation about their relationship.  First, the two are dating, then they are breaking up – so what is it?

The couple play the on-screen romance of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the popular Twilight series.  Their love is unconventional, yet passionate.  Their future together is going to be chronicled in “Breaking Dawn”, which will be broken down into two parts for the film version of the series.

Their on-screen romance has given birth to a host of rumors surrounding the couple.  They have handled their fame with style, although they’ve never confirmed (or denied) their relationship status.

So what do you think about the two? Are they the best of friends? Do you believe recent internet rumors that they broke up? Or, do you think that the two are in love and aren’t discussing it with the media?

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    1. Guene says:

      I think they are sick of all the rumors, I sick of all the rumors to, why can’t you all just leave them alone, I so what if they are going together, why don’t you go bother some other couple, Like Tom and his wife, or Brad and his woman, it’s not your affair, you all make me sick how everyday is a new story about them.

    2. chris says:

      In love. Not discussing with the media or fans. None of anyone’s business.

      • Kyarb22 says:

        Its so funny how people read all the blogs and all the mags (on and offline) about rob and kristens life but then u bitch about people writing about their lives….personally i dont think they’re dating but its still great fun reading about it.

    3. Lilly says:

      They are in love and not discussing it with the media… like Kristen said in an interview with Oprah… she will never talk about her love life. It’s pretty obvious they are and have been in love since spring of 2009 if anyone has bothered to notice.

    4. Sandy says:

      I second and third to all of the comments above!

    5. donna says:

      I THINK THEY ARE TOGETHER….despite the media blitz

    6. jen says:

      I think they are together and trying to keep things as private as possible. Wish them the best!

    7. Bess says:

      There is no late-breaking news about this couple so the websites continue thier BS!! It is a private affair of the heart but yes the evidence is there in front on the movies and photo shoots that these stars are in love NOW SHUT. UP. AND LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! True fans love the movies but respect them that they have a life that they don’t wish to share w/ the public!!!

    8. Nansy says:

      They are not a couple. Rob is single or has a sweetheart in England.Kristen might have a very affluent boy/girlfriend, hence the secrecy.

    9. Nansy says:

      They are not a couple. Rob is single or has a sweetheart in England. Kristen might have a very affluent friend/fiancee, hence the secrecy.

    10. Robin says:

      I think Robert is gay and he hangs out with Kristen for the sake of promoting Twisaga. every time I see or read about him my gay alert goes up. I think they should be left alone when comes to who they’re dating. It’s not easy coming out of the closet. It must be uncomfortable for Kristen who has to pretend something is going on.

    11. Kelsey says:

      i think they’re together but won’t talk about it because even my own sister won’t talk about her dating life with me and she’s not a celebrity with paparazzi following her i just pray that all of the media attention won’t tear them apart because even if they don’t want people to know their personal lives they look happy together in photos and interviews.

    12. Dijana says:

      I think they are dating for sure. They don’t want to discuss their relationship with the media. Kristen has already expressed this. They simple want little privacy if possible. Just look at them at every picture. The way they look at each other, the way they move toward each other, the way they interact with each other. It is like the part of the universe moves together with them. They have an amazing chemistry. I have never seen a couple with so much chemistry in my life. Every time they are together, they radiate an explosion of emotions into their surrounding. They look amazing together!!! They look like they are made for each other. They truly belong together.
      On other hand he is Taurus and she is Aries so they might drive each other crazy sometimes. But maybe this makes it even more amazing!!! It truly looks like they can not exist without each other. They complete each other. So, I wish you the best of luck Kristen and Rob. Please cherish what you have because it is really very…very hard to find something like this if ever!!!

    13. Sharon says:

      The gay rumor is old and there is not one ounce of truth to it.
      I have a gay son, and he’s not seeing Rob as gay either. I have gay friends that are the most masculine guys you would ever meet and straight friends that are very sissy. So no, I don’t believe he is gay. If you think about it all those British guys seem a little gay to us Anericans.
      Whether he and Krisen are having a thing, who knows. It looks like it, but until they claim it and own the relationship, there’s no relationship. So that’s up to them.

    14. jess says:

      This world is hard enought to get through.. leave them be. leave them alone and stop with all the rumors. god if they are friends lovers what ever it is for them to know not anyone else. Back Off!!!!

    15. TEYA says:


    16. naree uk says:

      Leave them alone.

    17. alyssia says:

      i think they do like each other but don’twant to go plubic cause the plbuic can destory a relationship forever so intil i her them say it in an interview i will belive it till then i realy don’t care they do make a pretty good couple but i do want them to last it is safer not to go plubic keep it to themselves so the world may never know and key word rumors so don’t belive it till you have prof

    18. Elizabeth Lopez says:


    19. jess says:

      They are together! Gosh is this world so blind? The media already knows the truth, but they like putting everyone in the dark so that they can make money on it. Do you really think they care if they are dating or is it that they just want to make money off of them. Wake up people and stop thinking the media truly cares about Rob and Kristen. lol.. By the way a five year old can see that they are a couple.

    20. Beeanxx927 says:

      When Michael Angarano (Kristen’s long-time sweetheart) began to disappear from K-stew’s limelight, and their exposure together in public has decreased, I knew they’ve ended their relationship or there’s already someone new. I mean it’s been a long time since I’ve last seen them together, and that only means two things: Either she’s happily single or dating. To be honest I would like Rob and Kristen together, since their chemistry on-screen has proven that. Whatever their choices together or apart, I’m fully supporting both of them.

    21. san says:

      old toilet paper?

    22. nancy says:

      compare the first movie they kissed to Eclips the way they kissed and the way Rob talked about her, I think they are real, they are young, there are long pathe to cchallenge of their future. bitter and sweet will always mix it together. no matter what, I will always support them.

    23. Madelyn says:

      Everyone complains about how people are getting too involved in their relationship, however they still read the articles.

      It’s fun to just come on these pages and see how worked up people get about petty things like this.

      If you have such an issue with it, don’t read it.

      Anywayyy… I personally could care less whether or not they are together, unless I had a shot with Rob…. haha. But they do look like they’re just together for the media to promote the movie.

    24. fergie says:

      Wow, it’s funny how the people on here saying to just leave them alone, but if you weren’t messing in there business you wouldn’t be reading this or posting about it. I don’t care either way, but for those who think rpattz is gay, it is likely. I personally think he’s HOT and my ‘NSYNC crush was Lance (so I go for that type.)

    25. fergie says:

      Also, I love how people say they have great chemistry, and they make such a good couple. They get paid for their chemistry. They’re actors. If there was no chem. Between them the movies wouldn’t be doing as well. What if they really are together and they fight constantly. Unless you know them personally (and sometimes that’s not even enough) you couldn’t possibly know that they are good for each other.

    26. fergie says:

      Also, I love how people say they have great chemistry, and they make such a good couple. They’re actors. If there was no chem. between them the movies wouldn’t be doing as well. What if they really are together and they fight constantly. Unless you know them personally (and sometimes that’s not even enough) you couldn’t possibly know that they are good for each other.

    27. Nice says:

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