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Tron Legacy 2010 Trailer: Better than Original?

Tron Legacy 2010 is “Wild”, according to Jeff Bridges.  For those of you who are familiar with “Tron” but can’t remember where you heard the  name before, it was first made popular in 1982.  The almost 30 year old film is now coming back in a long awaited sequel that will grace 3-D screens throughout the country.

That’s right – Tron will be viewed on screens across the country adding to the ever-so-popular 3D craze which started with the hit film, Avatar.  The Tron Legacy 2010 trailer can be seen below, and even though it’s not in 3-D you can see why everyone – Jeff Bridges included – thinks that it will be a hit

The show showcases a world in which you have to complete video-game like tasks for survival.

Jeff Bridges played Sam’s father in 1982, and comes back in this film to play the role of Sam.  Although the actor is 60 years old, he flawlessly pulls off being 30 in this film.

Click to view the trailer. What do you think? Will Tron Legacy 2010 be better than the original?

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