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China Oil Spill – Chinese Pipeline Repairs and Containment Underway

The China oil spill may not be as large scale as the one in the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s still a big deal to those who are worried about its significance.  Workers are working tirelessly to repair a busted pipeline, while other efforts to contain the spill are going on at the same time.  It’s important to clean any oil from the water ASAP to minimize the environmental impact of such occurrences.

One worker drowned in crude during the week, and this is what the incident will be remembered by.  The scene of a human body covered in goo is far too much for some people to bear.

The oil covers an area of 165 square miles in the Yellow Sea, near China’s strategic oil reserves in the city of Dalian. Like the BP disaster, the leak was caused when a pipeline exploded. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, and the leak has caused oil shipments throughout China to be delayed.

Similar to the Gulf, the seafood industries and tourist industries are going to take a big hit because of the incident.  Crude kills the creatures of the sea and makes it so that people cannot go swimming at the beach.

Something needs to be done to avoid these oil spills.  Ensuring that our environment is preserved is crucial to the continued sustainment of our planet.

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