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Keiysha Cole Pregnant Once More!

Keiysha Cole Pregnant Once More! She just got through with a spectacular performance of airplanes at the BET Awards with Eminem and B.O.B. and now we’re hearing rumors that the ├é┬álovely lady’s oven is busy baking another bun just three months after the birth of her first child with Husband Daniel Gibson (better known for his contributions to the NBA games).

It was only on the 2nd March, 2010 that Keyshia welcomed her first child into this world, if the rumors are true then it means it took her only three months to start paving the way for child number two. So far the rumors haven’t been confirmed or denied, with no news on whether this is a planned pregnancy or just a fluke. In any case the performance at the BET awards are amazing, and if the rumors are true then here’s hoping Keyshia has a lovely pregnancy and a healthy new baby!

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