Did You Enjoy Tom Cruise, J-Lo Dance At MTV Awards? (Watch Video)

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards were held at Universal City, Calif., and aired on MTV on Sunday night, but it’s not just the awards everyone is talking about on Monday.

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez, 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez

A dance performance featuring Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) was a highlight of the night.  The routine had Cruise in character in his role as film producer Les Grossman from the comedy movie “Tropic Thunder.”

Cruise showed off the foul-mouthed, balding, hairy-armed Grossman’s smooth, not-very-sexy moves in a dance-off with Lopez on her song “Get Right.” 

Cruise told People magazine afterward that “It was a lot of fun – it was a blast!” 

You know, I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife’s (Katie Holmes) a dancer, so I like dancing!”

The audience seemed to enjoy the performance. But what did you think? Watch the video below and then sound off!

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