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Will ‘Shrek’ Glasses Recall Tarnish McDonald’s Reputation?

McDonald’s is recalling 12 million glasses sold as a promotional item for the latest “Shrek” movie because they contain the toxic metal cadmium.  Will this recall tarnish McDonald’s family reputation?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said the designs on the glasses contain cadmium, which can pose health risks with long-term exposure.
"Shrek" glass recall

“Shrek Forever After 3D” Glasses Recalled

The “Shrek Forever After 3D” collectable drinking glass are 16 ounce glasses that came in four designs, Shrek, Fiona, Puss n’ Boots, and Donkey.  They were sold at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from May 2010 into June 2010 for about $2.

McDonald’s is asking consumers to immediately stop using the glass out of an abundance of caution, the CPSC reported. Visit for additional instructions on how to obtain a full refund.

No injuries have yet been reported.

The CPSC stated that it was made aware of issues with this product through the Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier from California. 

There are some reports stating that this recall could tarnish McDonald’s reputation, such as this from The Wall Street Journal (click here for full report):

The voluntary recall is a rare lapse for McDonald’s, which is known for tough oversight of suppliers, and could hurt its standing with families that have driven the fast-food chain’s growth.

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