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(Video) Ray Stevens Sings “Come To The USA” — He’s Got A Solution To The Illegal Immigration Problem

Singer/songwriter/comedian turned satirist Ray Stevens has a new song out that’s getting a lot of attention because of that little illegal immigration problem that the United States can’t seem to fix.  In his new hit song, “Come To The USA,” Stevens has a solution for all those who wish to emigrate from their homelands but don’t really want to be bothered with all the paperwork that is involved in doing it legally.   It’s simple: If you’re into illegally emigrating, Ray Stevens explains, just come to the good ole USA, where illegal immigrants seem to get in penalty free.  Mixing humor with honesty and politics with keen observation, Ray Stevens’ “Come To The USA” makes a common sensical point often lost in the illegal immigration debate.

Ray Stevens has been writing hit songs, both novelty and serious, since the 1960s.  He is probably best known for his 1974 bestselling single “The Streak,” which is a song that chronicles a man’s inability to keep his wife from seeing a streaker (someone running without  wearing clothing) — and then being unable to keep her from joining him.  Other hit songs by the famed singer include “Gitarzan,” “Ahab The Arab,” and “Santa Clause Is Watching You.”  He has also won two Grammys for more serious work: “Everything Is Beautiful” (1970 – Best Male Pop Vocal Performance) and “Misty” (1975 – Best Arrangement Of The Year).

The Georgia native had not recorded a hit song since 2002’s “Osama Yo Mama,” which went gold (1 million copies sold) with little radio airplay, when he decided to tackle the YouTube market near the end of the decade.  Inspired by the grass roots Tea Party movement, Ray Stevens released “We The People” as a single in December 2009.  The video has thus far received over 3 million views.  To capitalize on the success of his first video hit, Ray Stevens then released a succession of songs via YouTube, the last of which is “Come To The USA.”  The video for “Come To The USA” has also proved popular, garnering nearly two million views since its release on May 13.

Stevens released a CD and DVD set of 22 patriotic and politically oriented songs entitled “We The People” on April 1.

Check out the “Come To The USA” video that follows.  You don’t even have to agree with Arizona’s new illegal immigration law to enjoy it.

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