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Gary Coleman’s Wife, Shannon Price, Too Quiet About Dead Husband’s Head Injury?

Gary Coleman’s sudden death will no doubt get a few people to thinking, and one of those thoughts will undoubtedly be: Why is Shannon Price and her family being so quiet about how “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman died?  I mean, just listen to what the family has said since his death.  Basically, it’s been “thanks for your thoughts and prayers” and done.  But what about Gary Coleman’s fall?  What are the circumstances surrounding it?  Is there an investigation underway, or do authorities have any reason to think they need to investigate?

What happened when Gary Coleman fell?

Silence when a celebrity dies bring out the sleuth in everyone.  Of course, the public isn’t privy to all information with regard to things said and statements made, but one wonders if authorities were interested in the Gary Coleman incident and if so, what they learned from those that were at the Santaquin, Utah, house the day Gary Coleman fell.

Why should anyone wonder what happened?  Given the nature of the relationship between Gary Coleman and his wife, Shannon Price, which was reportedly a rocky one where both parties had been arrested in the past year or so on domestic violence charges and were in a constant state of on-again-off-again divorce-seeking, law enforcement should take more than just a passing glance at the manner with which the 42-year-old actor might have died.

At present, all that is publicly known is that Gary Coleman fell and received an injury to his head.  That traumatic injury resulted in an intracranial hemorrhage which induced a coma.  Coleman never came out of the comatose state he slipped into a day after he was hospitalized.

The only reason why it is known that Gary Coleman received a head injury from a fall is because his brother-in-law, Shawn Price, told TMZ that that is what happened.  Shannon Price, the wife, told Randy Kester, Gary Coleman’s lawyer that, besides the brief statement the family produced on Thursday, they did not want to release any details about the situation.

Kester told the Associated Press, “Anything they could say would be premature because they don’t know the full extent of his condition right now.”

What exactly does that mean?  What does the extent of Coleman’s condition have to do with the family saying something about the incident?  Were they afraid Coleman would contradict any public statement made on the matter?  Did something happen where someone is legally liable and Gary Coleman’s condition was a contingency that would be weighed in the final determination?

And then there is the life support situation.  The decision to cut of life support, which Coleman was placed on when he slipped into a coma on Thursday, was made by Shannon Price.  And quickly.  Gary Coleman may have had DNR (do not resuscitate) documents or something to that effect, which made his wife’s decision easier or legal, but to do it in such a quick fashion, just hours after Coleman went comatose seems relatively desperate and/or cold.  Of course, this could mean nothing (but conspiracy theorists will be ecstatic, pointing to it as an obvious sign of a family cover-up).

Regardless, it is common knowledge that celebrities, especially Hollywood celebrities, never die of natural causes.  There is always a backstory, a subplot, and underlying theme or motive that is the true story.  Nothing is ever cut-and-dried, black and white.  And there should always be some sort of investigation…

Nothing untoward may have occurred at the Santaquin house.  There may have been no fighting, no pushing, no shoving, or anything that might have caused the “Diff’rent Strokes” star to fall and hit his head.  He may have simply fallen doing some mundane chore and struck his head on the floor.  Coleman was prone to seizures, so the intracranial hemorrhage may have been caused by a blow received to the head as his body spasmed.

But those details are not known.  And fans of celebrities abhor a vacuum.  They tend to fill it with speculation.  A simple explanation of the circumstances surrounding just how and why Gary Coleman fell would suffice.

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    1. Shannon E. says:

      You read my mind or maybe you’re one my hundreds of FB friends that I don’t know because I posted my suspicions. I agree totally. I’ve been reading reports continuously & wondering why no one found the circumstances “questionable” to say the least.

    2. wolfchen says:

      The body is still warm and the vultures have gathered.

      For goodness’ sake, respect the man enough to let the family grieve (and the police investigate – if they so choose) without speculating just because you don’t know the details behind the decision to pull the plug. You have ZERO information about Price and Coleman’s personal discussion and arrangements. Please allow the rest of us to honour the man’s memory without casting baseless aspersions.

      • Emeline says:

        It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pealsure

      • Jenafer says:

        awe takes me back for sure! know that these days will pass..I promise! lol you are doing a great job cormtfoing your sweet babe and napping when he does! Finding balance with work and baby is tough! I still do not have it mastered not many mamas do. Our babes have minds of their own and don’t fit into a neat little schedule:) (boy..don’t we wish they did:) ha Hugs to you!

    3. Ben says:

      “…They tend to fill it with speculation” Oh THEY do, do they? How about taking a look at that rather large libellous, massively speculative article you’ve just written.

    4. Annette says:

      Maybe the family are being quiet because they are grieving and maybe the details of Gary’s fall are not any one else’s business at this point?

      • Ujhie says:

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      • Irfan says:

        Fabulous photos Ryan, relaly stunning! Amazing sky. You have relaly captured the feel of the day. Rebecca & Gary must be thrilled. Great working with you, see you soon.Sara & TonyMarry Me Films

      • Ameer says:

        Aww, thank you everyone for your well-wishes, and a spaicel thank you to Asher <3, Kristen and Jamie for a very thoughtful 'get well' greeting (it brought tears to my eyes.) Just thinking about seeing you all next month makes us feel better!! We can't wait to catch up on four months' worth of cuddles and kisses that we have been holding for Asher (plus a few for J & K) We love you guys <3 xxx

    5. Heather says:

      I think this article asked a perfectly legitimate question. At this point it’s simply curiosity, but how often do you hear of someone “pulling the chord” less than 24 hours after the patient slips into comma? Especially if they were talking and lucid just 36 hours before? I agree that the timing is ghoulish, but the question itself is perfectly valid scientifically.

    6. UtahResident says:

      Many Thanks to ‘Saul Relative’ for writing this article about Gary Coleman. His questions needed to be raised and hopefully there will be a full investigation into the circumstances of Gary’s death.

      • Rejanne says:

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      • Shouen says:

        Aww, thank you everyone for your well-wishes, and a spiaecl thank you to Asher <3, Kristen and Jamie for a very thoughtful 'get well' greeting (it brought tears to my eyes.) Just thinking about seeing you all next month makes us feel better!! We can't wait to catch up on four months' worth of cuddles and kisses that we have been holding for Asher (plus a few for J & K) We love you guys <3 xxx

    7. Lorena says:

      My suspicions have been aroused. The hasty disconnection from life support does not sound right, loving, or caring, and I wonder if there were those who thought if Gary comes to, he might spill the beans on what happened. This is very suspicious indeed and warrants an investigation.

      It is unfortunate that Mr. Coleman has no family, i.e., a mother and father, to request an investigation. It seems that he was all alone in this world, sick, and at the mercy of those in his household.

      • Takeysha says:

        He does have a family but has been estranged from them for a decade. His mother and father have actually tried to reach out to Shannon Price to have her explain to them how Gary fell but she has refused to answer their questions. Hmmmm maybe even more suspicious?

        • Suttpong says:

          I’ve been there! I’m there again this week with our recent move and a one year old genttig canines and molars. I laughed when you mentioned grabbing your husband thinking you were preventing the baby from falling out of bed. I’ve done that so many times!The four month wakeful was brutal for us. Good luck! You’ll be so glad that you wrote these blogs because it is so hard to remember the first year when you’re so sleep deprived. Thank goodness for nursing, huh? I don’t know what I would’ve done if I couldn’t just pop her on the boob to get her back down.

    8. Tina says:

      It is normal and should be done a full investigation into Gary Coleman’s intercranial bleeding; autopsies are done naturally in cases of most accidents of which I am aware of, as I worked part time as a hospital secretary in the past; the medical examiner needs to do an autopsy to determine what type of fall or ‘hit’ caused his intercranial bleeding. if this turns into a criminal case, someone needs to pay dearly, what you do in dark will certainly come to light, trust me.

      • Siska says:

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    9. NOONEY says:

      This is all to suspicious! He would have had to hit the ground very hard to have this kind of damage. Someone better do some investigating. So is this his ex-wife or still wife. I read somewhere they were looking into getting divorce. Sounds suspicious to me. I can’t believe they let her pull the plug so soon. Again suspicous. Rest in Peace Gary(luv u) God bless his family and friends. So Sad.

      • Akshay says:

        These pictures are abutsloely amazing! Congrats on a job well done. You definitely use your camera to show the true passion you carry within your heart for photography! Can’t wait for the big day ourselves!

      • Ungger says:

        Glad to hear you are perfecting the art of senplieg while Asher is down. Hang in there Mom and Dad. There are better days ahead we just don’t know when. We closed cabins this past weekend. Don’t know where the summer went. Kids are busy Abby and Jenna in volleyball, Luke taking care of a neighbor kid after school & Sam and Mark doing lawn mowing with Papa after school. Abby was voted 10th grade homecoming attendant by here class. So exciting. Now she gets to shop for a full-length gown for coronation on Oct.3rd. Take care and love you lots.

    10. Crystal says:

      Sounds good, I remember 15 years ago when I did not have much exeeripnce either, man did I read a lot of bad gardening books! I even grew broccoli inside in a 3 gallon pot once

    11. Raphael says:

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    12. Tatjana says:

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    14. Farie says:

      We hope and are praying that you both will be feinelg better soon. We want to get together and go out to eat when you both are well. Hope to see Jamie, Krissy and Asher when they come home too.


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