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Adam Lambert American Idol Finale Performance Canceled For Fear Of Scandal?

According to Rob Shuter at Popeater’s “Naught But Nice,” Adam Lambert was supposed to perform at the American Idol finale in Hollywood Wednesday night, but he didn’t show up for rehearsal.  The producers at American Idol began to get nervous, not knowing what was going on.  When talks with Adam Lambert’s reps yielded nothing, rather than take a chance that Adam Lambert would show up at the last minute and pull some outlandish stunt or act on live television, the American Idol producers cut him out of the finale altogether.  Are we seeing the beginning of another Adam Lambert scandal, one caused by fear of repeating the now famous American Music Awards performance scandal?

Just a little over a week ago, Adam Lambert went on Twitter and posted that he would not be on the American Idol finale, which is to double as a tribute to departing judge Simon Cowell.  “Unfortunately,” he wrote, “not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked.”

But it seems that that post was written before he was asked to be on the show or as a ruse to pull off a surprise appearance.

Now it would seem that the American Idol producers have decided to keep him off the show (unless some deal is being made in the waning seconds going into the show) in order to avert another scandal.  Apparently the producers do not want a repeat of the American Music Awards performance where Adam Lambert, anchoring the end of the show, simulated sex with a male and a female performer.  The performance caused such an uproar that ABC, the network that broadcast the American Music Awards, canceled Adam Lambert’s appearance on “Good Morning America.”

So what is the deal?  Was Adam Lambert trying to pull a fast one, do something shocking, set up something scandalous?  Or does he have a good excuse for missing the rehearsals?

Has it become so important in Hollywood to please everyone and avoid even the slightest hint or suggestion of impropriety that producers run in fear at the mere thought?  It appears so…

Adam Lambert’s thoughts on this little “scandal”-avoiding drama will no doubt be priceless…

    24 Responses to “Adam Lambert American Idol Finale Performance Canceled For Fear Of Scandal?”

    1. ianaleah says:

      WRONG! Popeater rumor. All rag lies. Over a week ago, Adam tweet clearing up rumors,two regarding American Idol-1. he is not schdeuled to perform on the finale. 2. he is not going to replace Simon as a judge.
      This story is all fiction and the rumor of Kris called in to replace Cook is also all fiction.
      Both Adam and Cook are honest guys, tell it like it is and very dependaable. Popeater is a blogger who really ought to be put away, he never gives names because he knows it is the old bullstinky in the first place. Gets readers though, and people like you to pass the crap along.
      Fortunately, anyone with a functioning brain knows Adam and Cook would never jeopardise a gig on AI finale. Get a grip.

      • Arleen says:

        It’s absolutely a false rumor. Adam would have loved to perform his recently released single and would have been amazing! He already performed it on Leno & Ellen and it was great. My guess is that AI didn’t want him on the show because he would have out done Kris!! Adam is an intelligent guy who’s career is exploding. He is very reliable! AI’s loss as well as all the Glamily….I really wanted him on the finale!!

        • megan pagel says:

          I agree, Kris Allen was there because he had nothing else to do. Adam is the real star and would have made Kris look even more dull.

          • Lisa says:

            Thats a dumb thing to say, I’m not even a Kris fan but I know he was there because he was last years winner and its a tradition. Kris is touring as an opener for different people, so he does have things to do.

            Oh, and this article is all a bunch of fantasy fabrications. Saul and Rob Shuter should date each other. xx

    2. LJ says:

      Wow! You’ve really read between the lines and stretched that one huh? LMAO!!! He’s already performed on their live a few weeks back so I doubt they are worried about. I heard the real story was aliens from planet fierce came down and took him back to his home planet.

    3. Kelly says:

      Darlin’, eat a cookie, have some coffee, AI loves Adam Lambert and would not cancel him for any reason-half their performances have been taped and then aired on tv-they weren’t ‘live’. If they had -and it is laughaable-any doubts about Adam’s performance they would have merely taped it. However, the fact is, he was never on the list of performers which has been published in multiple sites for the last few weeks.

    4. Lori says:

      This article is such bull. Where do you get your information. It is just a pack of lies!

    5. cr says:

      Why lie? Has Adam Lambert ever done anything personally to you? Why attack his professionalism? He tweeted last week he wouldn’t be there. Why make up stories about how he didn’t show up for rehearsal and everyone was so afraid that he would do something…he should sue you for slander.

    6. Jada says:

      Just another so called “journalist” looking for as many readers as possible for such ?article???!!!.


    7. Circe says:

      The “scandal” exists solely in your fevered brain, Saul.

    8. terie says:

      ADAM has been saying he would have liked to return to Idol after his MENTORING appearance but later tweeted that there were enough artists so he would NOT be included to the dismay of his fans. This story is pure FABRICATION … someone must have needed hits really badly at POPEATER … so naturally pick on … who else? ADAM!!! As ianaleah has stated in her post … both David & ADAM are honest guys & would NEVER jeopardise a gig on AI!!! This BS is BEYOND ‘SAD’!!

    9. jessie says:

      What a crock. Anyone with a brain could also assume this type article would surface immediately after the realization Adam wouldn’t be present. Hey, whatever it takes to get your site some hits, eh?

      You are clearly not a Adam Lambert fan. AI has him as the first EVER past contestant to MENTOR and perform in the history of the show, and you say the producers are afraid of him on live TV?? LMFAO!

      Like always, Adam, being the professional he is, will rise above this garbage and no doubt deliver the truth concerning his non-appearance tonight (even tho he’s ALREADY done that), he will now have to do it again to stop this type of garbage. Class act he is, Adam Lambert. Like the other poster said, I wish he would sue you for slandering his name. The AMA’s was months ago. Everyone else has moved on. You should give it a try..

    10. Sandy says:

      Can’t imagine that anyone would give credence to such an amazingly nasty pile of garbage such as this. This blog needs to be avoided. NOH8………!

    11. A guest says:

      Whatever!! I don’t believe this article… Nice try though…

    12. cindy says:

      Give me a break—Adam was a MENTOR and PERFORMED on this season already—-whoever wrote this is not very smart. That being said, wow, what a BORING results show—sure did NEED a dose of ADAM.

    13. LuLu says:

      Now that rumors have surfaced that Adam strained his voice maybe that had something to do with it. Since his tour starts soon he probably wants to rest his throat, if nothing else.

    14. Sheect says:

      The only thing that made sense is ADAM said that he wasn’t going to the finale’ That’s it. Wow. You should take some deep breathes and let your mind chill.

    15. ktc says:

      Only an idiot would believe this crock, give us a break.

    16. brownie says:

      You should be sued for slander. Get a grip, totally false reporting if you can call yourself that!

    17. Shuterisaliar says:

      Rob Shutter of PopEater was fabricating false stories about Adam Lambert. He is nasty, shameless, and unprofessional. Saul, I don’t think you should have believed Rob Shutter so-called ‘report’ at the first place !

    18. Jenn says:

      You really should repeat what trash rags write. Ryan Seacrest said on his radio show this morning that Adam Lambert was not invited to be on the finale and he should have been. I guess Ryan was right because people are talking more about Adam Lambert when he wasn’t even there than the are the “winner”. Adam was missed – Idol blew it and should have had him perform. Oh well…

    19. WindyJocelyne says:

      Popeater you have such a big problem between your ears. It because you hate Adam Lambert that you make a little scandal and after that you make your paper just for the peoples talk in the bad way about Adam.

      Poor you, Adam will not perform or go on the final just because he will be on his own tour concert and he needs to finish all pratic with his own dancers, his band and costumes and he want to give us his fan’s the most great show because we pass before anything else in his life when he make the choice to be that escellent performer.

      So please, get a life and lets us the huge Adam Fan’s loved him a get like I said a life baby.

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