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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Trailer Trash Pictures: ‘Flaunt’-ing Her Vampire Wannabe Stuff

Kristen Stewart, the love interest of Robert Pattinson on screen and (supposedly) off, has been taking a lot of pictures lately.  Of course, she’s promoting her latest “Twilight Saga” movie, “Eclipse,” but red carpet pictures and paparazzi pictures apparently aren’t enough.  Kristen Stewart also posed for Flaunt magazine and — let’s just say that the pictures seem to be a little trashy — trailer trashy…

Zap2It got hold of some of the pictures from the Flaunt photo shoot, including the cover shot.  Some of the shots are in black-and-white and some are in color.  Zap2It gives Kristen Stewart a generous nod, stating, “Leave it to K. Stew to make the inside of a dilapidated trailer look edgy and glamorous.”

They were far too generous…

Borrowing that ridiculous swept back pompadour look Miley Cyrus sported on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and in her godawful “Can’t Be Tamed” cage-liner video, Kristen Stewart’s pictures for Flaunt are probably meant to look pensive, brooding, sombre.  Instead, she has the same blank look on her face throughout, one she’s probably familiar with from the flatliner fans of “Twilight.”  And there’s nothing edgy about the photos at all, not even the black-and-white where she’s taking a hit off of a cigarette (when was the last time cigarettes were ‘edgy’? 1980?), which is probably what the photographer was shooting for.

The girl really needs Robert Pattinson lounging about to make a picture with her in it interesting…

And the photos of the ultra-pale (not a vampire yet?  Are we certain?) Stewart in the single-sleeved mini-dress?  Now that looks trailer trash chic.  All gussied-up to get out of the trailer, throw back a few tequila shots, and dance on tables for the cheering bubbas, show some life

No, Kristen Stewart’s latest pictures leave one as devoid of emotion as the acting in a “Twilight” film.  Flaunt?  Flaunt what?  Just because one ‘acts’ in a bunch of movies about the undead does not mean that one has to acquire the vacuousness of the entire “Twilight” pastiche.

Hope the interview is more interesting than the pictures.  Nevermind; she won’t talk about Robert Pattinson, so who really cares?  And these pictures do not help solve the mystery of how Kristen Stewart made the Top 10 in Maxim‘s Hot 100…

    6 Responses to “Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Trailer Trash Pictures: ‘Flaunt’-ing Her Vampire Wannabe Stuff”

    1. Sherry says:

      I DISAGREE with your whole article. Stop ditchin on Kristen. She looks beautiful no matter what clothes or what her hair looks like. The magazine picks the theme they are going with and the clothes. She has to do these for the PR part of her job, No she does not enjoy it. If you got your picture taken all the time you wouldnt want to do these shoots either. Look at the Elle issue for June that she is in. Normal, nice clothes! So there ya go! Magazines go with different looks, etc all the time. We don’t necessarily like them all but they have to mixed it up. It is certainly not the actor or actresses doin. I think you need to find something else to write about.

      • chelsea says:

        i agree with u stop hating on kristine shes probs just jelous cuz she doesn’t look as good as her or because she wants robert patterson either way get over your self chick no one likes a negative Nancy.

    2. Susie Q says:

      Finally! An unbiased media view of Stewart.


    3. moon says:


    4. chelsea says:

      So….. who’s seen the eclipse trailer it looks amazing better than new moon i would say and def better than twilight lol comment back

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