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‘American Idol’ Finale: Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze?

A new winner will be crowned on “American Idol” on Wednesday night, but will it be Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze?

American Idol (Lee DeWyze, Ryan Seacrest, Crystal Bowersox)

American Idol (Lee DeWyze, Ryan Seacrest, Crystal Bowersox)

Both finalists performed on Tuesday night, with Bowersox getting more praise from the judges.

Bowersox performed “Black Velvet,” “Up to the Mountain,” and “Me and Bobby McGee.” 

“You took that song and you absolutely nailed it,” Simon Cowell said of Bowersox’s rendition of “Black Velvet,” a song he said he’s normally “allergic” to because it gets murdered, the AP reported.

Bowersox, in turn, complemented Cowell on a great season and wished him luck in the future. The critical “American Idol” judge is leaving the show after this season.

“Since this is becoming a bit of a lovefest tonight, I thought that was by far the best performance and the song of the night,” he told Bowersox. “And since this is going to be the final critique I’m ever gonna give, I would just like to say that was outstanding.”

DeWyze performed “The Boxer,” “Everybody Hurts,” and “Beautiful Day.”  The judges were a little harder on him, except for Ellen DeGeneres.

“Lee, I couldn’t be prouder if I birthed you myself,” DeGeneres told him after he sang Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer.”

Judge Randy Jackson had this to say, though, “You sounded nice doing it … But, c’mon, man, pick it up, pick it up … Get some more energy going.”

If DeWyze wins, his first single will be “Beautiful Day,” while Bowersox will release “Up to the Mountain.”

The winner, based on viewer votes, will be announced on Wednesday’s two-hour finale airing at 8 p.m. (EDT) on Fox.

The finale will mark the end of judge Simon Cowell’s run on the reality show, the judge everyone loves to hate.  Host Ryan Seacrest had this to say on Tuesday:

“We really are going to miss you. You are a dear friend and we wouldn’t be here without you,” Seacrest said.

Who do you think will win this season’s “American Idol?”  And what do you think the show will be like without Simon Cowell? Will you still watch?  Share your thoughts below.

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