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Video Of Sarah Ferguson Selling Access To Prince Andrew Ignites Scandal

In what many are calling a new low for the former Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, the British tabloid News of the World posted an expose and video of the 50-year-old former wife to Prince Andrew wherein she is seen taking a $40,000 bribe from a reporter posing as a businessman in return for access to the office and connections of Prince Andrew.   The $40,000 was just a ‘good faith’ downpayment on a more substantial bribe to come ($725,000), which would supposedly gain the businessman access to “everything you would ever wish for.”  Sarah Ferguson also claimed that Prince Andrew, who holds an unpaid position as a United Kingdom Special Representative for Trade and Investment, knew about the deal and even wanted a cut of the profits.

Although News of the World has the videotaped bribe of Sarah Ferguson, they were quick to note that as far as they could ascertain, Prince Andrew knew nothing of his ex-wife’s dealings in his name.  Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the bribery scandal, pointing out only that Sarah Ferguson was no longer a member of the Royal Family.

In the video, Sarah Ferguson is seen dealing with a faux businessman, an undercover reporter for News of the World, and making a deal with him, promising that, as soon as she had all the money, she would “open doors.”

But why would the former Duchess of York do such a thing?  Apparently, she needed the money.  She explained to the News of the World reporter in the video that Prince Andrew had been “underwriting” her for years because she had no money. “So if you want to meet him in your business,” she said, “look after me and he’ll look after you. . . you’ll get it back tenfold.”

She even claimed that Prince Andrew was the one who came up with the bribe sum. “Andrew said to me, ‘Tell him £500,000.'”

According to the Associated Press, a spokesperson for Sarah Ferguson, Kate Waddington, has confirmed that the video is authentic and that the former Duchess of York is “devastated,” regretting having caused everyone concerned such embarrassment.

Despite the video and scandal, there has yet to be a claim that, although quite unethical, Sarah Ferguson actually did anything illegal.

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