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“Real Housewives” Kelly Bensimon Claims Breakthrough, Not Breakdown — Is There A Difference?

By now, everyone has seen, heard, or re-watched various portions of Thursday evening’s “The Real Housewives of New York City” and either believes former Playboy model Kelly Bensimon is either crazy, exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown, or putting on one strange attention-grabbing show for the cameras.  But what does Kelly Bensimon have to say about her odd behavior?  Not much, as it turns out.  In fact, her blog is downright dismissive.  It is almost as if everyone else imagined that Bensimon, while in supposed breakdown mode, kept saying that Bethenny Frankel was trying to kill her and that Alex McCord was channeling the devil.

In her “The Real Housewives of New York City” blog, Kelly Bensimon wrote:  “I have never endured such a difficult time with four women.

“Trust your instincts.”

That was all she wrote.  The blog entry was entitled “The Breakthrough.”  While everyone between the internet and New York City was labeling Kelly Bensimon crazy, she saw the experience as a breakthrough, which is also a psychological term used in therapeutic situations to denote progress, usually after a period of resistance, due to some form of insight.  So, was accusing castmate Bethenny Frankel of trying to kill her a “breakthrough”?  What “insight” brought her to that conclusion?  And what about Alex McCord channeling the devil?  Was that also a “breakthrough.”

Or were Kelly Bensimon’s insights during Ramona Singer’s “non-bachelorette party” on “The Real Housewives of New York City” the first manifestations of delusion, the presenting of symptoms of a psychological breakdown?  Ramona Singer herself noted in her blog that the former Playboy model seemed to “snap” when the Housewives were at dinner.

Many share Singer’s reaction

Given that it is highly unlikely that 1) Bethenny Frankel is attempting to murder Kelly Bensimon and 2) Alex McCord is being controlled by and channeling the devil, it would seem that if Bensimon were actually experiencing a psychological breakthrough, it is probably the result of a breakdown.  With all the stressors in the former Playboy model’s hectic life — she’s a busy woman, juggling modeling, designing, writing, editing, performing — a breakdown may actually be occurring.

For Kelly Bensimon’s sake, better that it all be just part of an elaborate attention-grabbing melodrama.  Far better than going crazy…

For her sake,

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