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(Viral Video) Intense Hail Storm In Oklahoma City Video Shows Pool Erupting

There have been several great videos that have captured the impact of the hailstorm that hit Oklahoma City on May 16 (check out YouTube for at least a dozen of them), but one in particular captured the baseball-sized hail slamming into the water of a pool.  The visual is far more impressive than it reads.  The hail storm literally sends up plumes of water, mini-geysers performing some violent eruption dance inside the pool.  The video, called simply “Hail Storm Oklahoma City,” was posted to YouTube by beatlesfanxxl and has gone viral.

The video starts out simply, with the person videotaping and a few other people commenting on the size of the hail stones hitting the pool and the tiles poolside.  But as the video progresses, the hail storm increases in intensity, the pieces of baseball-sized hail striking with progressively increasing ferocity and number until the pool is literally watrer-dancing before the videographer’s — and the other observers’ — eyes.

The poster wrote of the hail storm incident below the video:  “This was the most insane hail storm or storm in general I have ever seen! it was may 16th 2010. Sorry about all of the oh my Gods. I was just in shock.”

(Watch the Oklahoma City hail storm video.  Count the number of Oh my Gods.  The video could be turned into a drinking game for binge drinkers…)

Still, the video is impressive, if only as a warning to those who think that walking around during a severe thunder storm alert or warning is no big deal.  Oklahoma City television station KOMO posted several of the May 16 hail storm videos to their website.  At the top of the list was the baseball-sized hail slamming into the swimming pool video, which KOMO described as an swimming pool transformed “into an angry cauldron.”

Posted above the video, Scott Sistek, the station’s meteorologist, notes:  “Not that you should ever be out swimming when severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches are in effect, but if you ever had an inkling, maybe this video will scare you straight.”

Watch “Hail Storm Oklahoma City.”

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