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Miranda Kerr’s New Naked GQ Pictures: NSFW

Investment banker alert: Miranda Kerr has new naked pictures in GQ magazine.  It is only fair that investment bankers — and anyone else that is in the habit of pulling up NSFW pictures of naked (or nearly naked) women while on the job — be forewarned that Miranda Kerr has on absolutely no clothes in the the new GQ pictures set.  The Victoria’s Secret model has on even less clothes than in the commercials she does for the lingerie company.  In a interview with GQ recently, she revealed how she felt bad for the fellow Aussie (Miranda Kerr is Australian) that was nearly fired over her nearly naked picture on his computer screen.

“It was a huge deal,” Kerr told GQ.I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy.”

It turns out that the investment banker in question had received an e-mail with an attachment.  Said attachment was one of the February GQ nearly naked Miranda Kerr pictures.  A colleague at the investment firm where the investment banker worked was being interviewed at that time on live television.  The investment banker’s monitor screen, complete with nearly naked Miranda Kerr emblazoned upon it, showed up nicely as part of the background in the interview.  Someone noticed and the interview video and picture stills taken from it went viral.  The investment banking firm was none to pleased with their employee, but they managed to restrain themselves from firing him.

Probably because it was an attachment.

The incident will always be a footnote attachment to Miranda Kerr’s life as well.  Although a supermodel, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and actor Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend, the scandal Down Under made headlines around the world, making her even more of a household name.  And even those who don’t know her name recognize her from that monitor screen picture.

She really does feel bad for the guy almost losing his job, although none of the circumstances surrounding the man’s situation was Miranda Kerr’s fault.  “I wonder if he’ll get into trouble if we send him this cover,” she mused.  “We should send him a signed cover! He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet.”

Good idea, because if those nearly naked GQ pictures nearly got the guy fired, the naked pictures in the June issue most certainly will.

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