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Miss USA 2010 Winner Rima Fakih Pictures Scandals — More Than One

The stories in the lead-up to and the fallout from beauty pageants always seem to be far more interesting than the pageant itself.  The same can be said of the latest Miss USA 2010 Pageant.  Not only did the Miss USA 2010 Pageant spawn a scandal before the the contestants got anywhere near Las Vegas for the final live competition (the sexy black-and-white lingerie pictures), but it has spawned a second pictures scandal (from outside the competition), some interesting video (Rima Fakih stumbled in the gown competition), several small controversies that revolve around the final outcome and the official Miss USA 2010 swimsuit pictures (but only of Rima Fakih for the latter).

The first scandal occurred with the Miss USA organization posted what many considered risque pictures of the 51 Miss USA 2010 contestants dressed in various lingerie ensembles.  Many also considered the pictures artistic and tasteful, but the detractors found them inappropriate, hyper-sexualizing the competition.  Pageant officials noted that they were attempting to make the competition more contemporary and relevant.

There was also some question as to Rima Fakih’s swimsuit pictures with regard to her faith.  She told Miss USA Pageant officials that her family practiced both Christianity and Islam.  But Muslim groups

And then the pageant happened.  During the competition, Miss Michigan USA Rima Fakih scored low in the swimsuit competition, stumbled in the evening gown competition, and awkwardly answered her interview question (although her answer was coherent and sensical).  There were many who felt that there was no way she could have won after such a low score in the swimsuit competition.  There was much sour grapes muttering and Fox News has insinuated that Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, the first Miss USA 2010 runner-up, was nailed with a gotcha question like Miss California Carrie Prejean had been in 2009.  She was asked whether or not she agreed with Arizona’s recently passed immigration law.  Rima Fakih was asked if she thought birth control medication should be covered under a federal health plan.  Some felt that Miss Oklahoma, thought to be the frontrunner, was asked a question that, once she answered that she supported states rights and Arizona’s right to control its illegal immigration population, condemned her to a low interview score, making it possible for someone else to become the winner.

On Monday, old pictures of the newly crowned Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih resurfaced via the “Mojo in the Morning” radio show in Detroit and TMZ.  In 2007, Rima Fakih entered a local Detroit “Stripper 101” pole dancing competition.  She won.  “Mojo In The Morning,” which sponsored the competition, resurrected the old pictures of the new Miss USA dancing around a stripper’s pole and with her top full of dollar bills.  Although she never stripped, Rima Fakih did win gift cards, jewelry, adult toys, and her very own stripper pole.

Scandal seems hellbent on finding the new Miss USA 2010, whether she wants it or not.

Did we mention that the stories surrounding the beauty pageants always seem to be a bit more interesting than the pomp, glitz, and ceremony of the pageants themselves?

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