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Miss USA 2010 Winner Rima Fakih Swimsuit Pictures Scandal

Why does it seem that everyone is attempting to find or imply something scandalous about Miss USA 2010 winner Rima Fakih?  Miss Michigan USA Rima Fakih won the Miss USA 2010 Pageant Sunday evening in what some consider a surprise victory for several reasons: she answered her interview question awkwardly, she stumbled in the evening gown competition, she scored low in the swimsuit competition.  With those complaints and the surfacing of pictures of a pole dancing competition (no doubt being conflated in some circles as pole dancing in a swimsuit), hints and allegations of scandal are running rampant.  And these rumors of scandal always lead to the ultimate scandal question: Should she lose her Miss USA 2010 crown?

Ever get the feeling people are trying to make something out of nothing?  Just take one of the mini-controversies that have erupted since she won — the swimsuit pictures.  What seems to be the problem here?  Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih’s swimsuit competition score, according to some, was one of the lowest in the overall competition.  What this is implied to mean is that with such a low score, it is unlikely that she could win.

This complaint more likely as not comes from those invested in another contestant winning…

However, given that there are three competitions — swimsuit, gown, and interview — and that the contestants’ score is derived from a total of the three scores’ average, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch of the imagination that Miss Michigan could have gotten low scores for her swimsuit competition portion and still come out the winner.

There was also a group that had a problem with Rima Fakih appearing in pictures in a revealing swimsuit, both in the formal competition and in the pictures shot for the official photo shoot.   All the contestants were photographed in leopard print bikinis.  This was a problem due to the fact that Rima Fakih was considered Muslim, making the pictures forbidden.  She got around the issue by noting that her family practiced both Christianity and Islam.

But if there was a problem with the swimsuits, imagine the uproar in the Muslim community since the national disclosure of the pictures from the pole dancing championship she won in 2007.

Is there enough for scandal?  Who knows?  No doubt many will try to make it so…

Regardless, and for whatever reason, swimsuit pictures for the new Miss USA 2010 have been in high demand and ranked high in Google’s hot trending topics for much of the day following the competition. Perhaps it isn’t just the controversy or potential for scandal that has everyone looking.  Maybe they’re simply searching for pictures of Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih in a swimsuit to see what the beautiful pageant winner looks like.

In a bikini.

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