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(Video) Man Hit By Car Saves Baby In Australia Car Smash Video

A surveillance video of a 2008 accident surfaced recently in Australia and was shown on Nine Network Monday.  The accident video, dubbed the “Australia Car Smash Video,” depicted a runaway vehicle slamming into some people in Penrith, a suburb of Sydney, pinning one man between it and a wall.  That man, Andrew Leitch, was holding his 4-month-old son at the time.  Leitch turned away from the car, protecting the child, and although the baby can be seen bawling for all he is worth, he was safe.

Andrew Leitch told Harry Smith on CBS’ “Early Show” Monday that he had been walking down the street with his parents, “minding me own business,” when he heard a screech, looked up, and had just enough time to turn his back on the approaching car.  An elderly woman had lost control of the vehicle.  The surveillance camera picked up the white vehicle hitting Leitch’s parents and smashing him against the building he had been walking beside.

“If they hit the back of me,” Andrew Leitch told Nine Network, “break a leg or whatever, that’s fixable. But if they hit my son, he’s not fixable.”

And he was — fixable, that is.  Leitch suffered a broken leg.

He told the “Early Show” that:  “It was just like the old football days, you know. You’ve got the football — and I was just protecting the football!”

And protect that 4-month-old football he did.  Little Hayden Leitch was untouched, unscratched, unhurt.

Andrew Leitch’s parents weren’t quite so lucky, however, but Leitch told the “Early Show” that his parents, who had sustained substantial injuries from the crash, were doing fine now.

When Harry Smith asked what he thought about when he saw the video.  Leitch replied, “I’m amazed we’re still here today,” Leitch reflected. “I’m grateful that, yeah, at the end of the day, that the little bloke … it was more or less if it didn’t hit me, it was gonna hit him. So, yeah, just being a father, I’d do it again and again and again.”

And because of the existence of the “Australia Car Smash” surveillance video of the crash where Andrew Leitch saves his baby son, he can do it again and again and again…

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