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Houston Teacher Beats Student, Caught On Video Tape (Video)

A Texas teacher has been fired after a video where she was caught savagely beating a student surfaced.  Sherri Davis, a teacher at Jamie’s House Charter School, had been suspended since April over allegations that, after she had backed a 13-year-old male student into a corner subsequent to the boy’s teasing of a female student, she had allegedly attacked and beat him.  When a video of the incident was brought to school officials’ attention, Sherri Davis, who had taught science at Jamie’s House Charter School for three years, was summarily terminated from a science teaching position.

The video whereon Sherri Davis was caught (allegedly) in the act depicts a woman (apparently Davis) backing a young male, 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson, into a corner.  Laughter and cheering can be heard on the video, because many of those observing thought the incident was a joke, believing that the young male in question was getting dressed down for his teasing of a female classmate.  It appears that Johnson himself at first thought it was a joke.  He is seen smiling as he is pulled out onto the floor. But as the video tape reveals, Davis was not joking.  And Johnson was soon covering up from Davis’ slaps and kicks.

Janiqua Johnson, who shot the damning video on her cell phone, said that Sherri Davis “snapped” and “started beating him up.”  Johnson told KHOU in Houston, “His behavior may have been bad but he didn’t deserve that.”

Sue Jones, a Jamie’s House Charter School spokesperson, called the video of the student being beaten “horrifying.”  She said, “There’s just no other word for that.”

There were reports that several school employees were also present during the beating.  School officials have launched an investigation into those allegations.  The Harris County Sheriff’s Department is also investigating the incident.

While many school districts and states debate whether or not corporal punishment has a place in modern schools, the violent beating of students by teachers is not allowed or condoned in any form. David Jones, principal at Jamie’s House Charter School, reflected that philosophy in a letter sent home to parents. “Educators are entrusted by parents with their children every day,” Jones wrote, “and we have a responsibility to see that they are not only taught but treated with respect.  This incident violates every principle by which we operate Jamie’s House Charter School and we will continue to work hard to earn your confidence in us.”

The “Houston Teacher Beats Student” video follows…

    6 Responses to “Houston Teacher Beats Student, Caught On Video Tape (Video)”

    1. sguer says:

      Where do the students’ rights end and the teachers’ rights begin? Teachers get hit, cursed at, flipped off, and many other things by students AND parents… very regularly. It may or may not be in the media, but it happens far more often than not… I’m sure that student was not a model citizen, he was at an ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL for crying out loud, meaning he was at his last chance! He had to have been a constant thorn in the teacher’s side for her to just break like that. Teachers are not respected in today’s society and I think we will be seeing more and more teachers snap sooner than you think… On that note… where does one student’s rights end and another begins? Disruptive students also violate other students’ rights to learn in a safe environment. I’m not condoning the full beat down that this kid got, but I’m glad someone is finally standing up!!

    2. Tanya Terry says:

      What a shame. The teacher should be charged for assault and beaten within an inch of her life.

    3. ?? says:

      But what they arent telling is that the girl that he was making fun of was severly autistic. Also, previously, in the hallway there had been a fight moments before and the kid who got beat up by the teacher locked the classroom door from the inside and started taughting the little autistic girl in the classroom. So the teacher could not get in top help mthe girl. The teacher commented on the Today Show that her motherly insticts kicked in and so she got very pissed off. And, the boy had recently been expelled and brought back on certain terms.

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