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Chiru Smiles Andhra Pradesh

The demigod of Telugu films, Chiranjeevi, has plunged into politics with characteristic fanfare. Today in Tirupati Chiru (fondly called so by his fans) announced his party will be called “Prajarajyam” and outlined his political vision in a two hour long speech.

In excess of 40,000 people thronged the temple town of Tirupati to catch a glimpse of their superstar. So emotional was the crowd that a stampede followed and the police had to resort to lathicharge and control the mob.

While the actor very eloquently talked about the “political vaccum” in Andhra Pradesh his agenda was nothing we haven’t heard before. It seemed he was delivering a dialogue from one of his films. The whole situation was larger than life just as telugu films tend to be.

He has already started making promises of providing reservations for the minorities (someone please tell him that the country already has reservations for them and anymore would spell doom for the rest of us). He has categorically opposed the acquisition of fertile land for special economic zones (SEZ) for “development purposes” but added in the same breath that he was not against industrialization.

Well there is a slight problem here- farmland he will not take and forest land will also make the environmentalists angry. So where will the land for development come from?? But then Andhra is very big so maybe he’ll find land somewhere !! But then he has chosen to remain mum on controversial topics.

But then I must give credit to Chiru for atleast attempting to make a difference. We hope that he’ll be able to emulate what NT Rama Rao did with Telugu Desam Party. In Southern India film stars are treated like superhumans and if Chiru lives up to his vision then tehre will be no stopping this superstar.

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