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Jesse James’ Mistress Michelle McGee Had Sex With Tiger Woods, Too?

Has it ever crossed your mind that the two big mistress scandals — Tiger Woods’ and Jesse James’ — of the past year could be connected, say, in the neighborhood of Michelle McGee?  Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, fresh from telling Howard Stern that she had “colored friends,” went that statement one better with an insinuation that she might have slept with Tiger Woods.  Although it might not be that difficult to believe, on a certain level it is very hard to believe.

That level is not the possible Nazi and white supremacy level but the level where she said she never had sex with or dated a black man (also revealed this week on the Howard Stern show) level.  But on “The Soscia Network” radio show on Philadelphia’s 106.1 FM, Michelle McGee went from never dating or having sex with a black guy to possibly having sex with Tiger Woods.

Perhaps she doesn’t consider Tiger Woods a black guy…

The conversation degenerated from one about her owing Jesse James a thank you card for all the publicity, wherein she revealed that she no longer keeps in contact with James.  It was suggested that Tiger Woods was probably only too happy with the Jesse James mistress scandal, a scandal that broke nationwide as soon as Michelle McGee told her story to In Touch Weekly, considering that it took a lot of the media’s attention off him.  When asked if she would “go there,” Michelle McGee asked, “How do you know I haven’t?”

When asked to elaborate, McGee said, “I’m not confirming or denying.”

Confirming what?  Nothing?  That she never slept with a black guy but she has slept with a half black guy?  That she was one of the 121 women/ mistresses that the National Enquirer now reports Tiger Woods allegedly cheated with while married?  And what would she be denying?  That Tiger Woods didn’t go the same tattooed mistress route that Jesse James did?  That would only make sense, considering the previous statements made on Howard Stern’s show.

Do you get the feeling that some people will say anything to extend their 15 minutes of fame?

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