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Why We Want Bret Michaels To Win “Celebrity Apprentice”

Bret Michaels and RockSolid won the competition on “Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday evening, thereby keeping Sharon Osbourne, Maria Kanellis, and Bret Michaels from being eliminated in the latest round of the charity competition.  RockSolid and Tenacity (made up of Cyndi Lauper, Summer Sanders, Curtis Stone, and Holly Robinson Peete) were challenged with the task of creating three separate commercials for three segments of home repair company, Clockwork Home Services. 

Cutting to the chase, Bret Michaels, who was project manager of RockSolid for the second time, suggested a risky approach, going for brevity with a little humor.  Tenacity, whose members seemed a bit more conservative in their approach, went for the traditional commercial format, filling their commercials with information.  Clockwork Home Services chose RockSolid’s ads, finding Tenacity’s work overloaded with information and not customer friendly.

In the boardroom, project manager Summer Sanders and Curtis Stone faced Donald Trump to present their respective cases as to why they should not be fired.   Donald Trump sided with Curtis Stone in that it was Stone’s idea of cutting down the information that was ignored.  Summer Sanders was fired. 

But everybody wants Bret Michaels to win “Celebrity Apprentice 3” now anyway, so Summer Sanders’ elimination was just another step in that direction.

Why do we want Bret Michaels to win?

If Bret Michaels’ recent ordeal involving an emergency appendectomy wasn’t enough to get him the sympathy vote from most “Celebrity Apprentice” fans, his even more recent ordeal with a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage probably did.  The popular frontman for the hair metal band Poison was hospitalized twice within two weeks with life-threatening symptoms.  Having beaten appendicitis and seemingly recovering from the brain hemorrhage, Michaels’ looks like a never-say-die fighter — and its human nature to like and admire a fighter.  Even people who never watch “Celebrity Apprentice” want him to win now.

And then there’s Michaels’ personality.  He’s funny, likeable, irrepressible, creative, a go-getter, and a sparkplug.  He knows how to motivate and presents his ideas without the appear of arrogance or asserting he’s the smartest guy in the room.  He’s Everyman in a bandana.

Even those rooting for other celebrities to win would now have little to no problem if their favorite now lost to Michaels.

And why not?  Sympathy and personality aren’t the only argument one can make for Bret Michaels’ winning the competition.  As a leader on “Celebrity Apprentice,” he is undefeated at 2-0.

Bret Michaels’ charity received $40,000 for Sunday evening’s win.  To date, Bret Michaels has raised $140,000 for the American Diabetes Association, the third best total behind Holly Robinson Peete and Sharon Osbourne.  Bret Michaels himself suffers from diabetes, having been diagnosed at the age of six.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” episodes were taped before Bret Michaels’ body started turning on him, so it is as yet unknown how far in the competition he went.  Doctors noted last week that the rocker could possibly make a full recovery fromt he brain hemorrhage — and he could be recovered enough to appear on the “Celebrity Apprentice” live finale. 

There are only six people left after Summer Sanders’ elimination.

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