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Tiger Woods New Mistress Tally Reaches 121

Straight from the pages of the 2010 Pulitzer-nominated National Enquirer, the same tabloid that brought you the story that Tiger Woods was having an affair with some unknown nightclub somebody named Rachel Uchitel, comes another story that the final straw in the mistress scandal was when Elin Nordegren found out that Woods had left out one of his mistresses when confessing during therapy.  While coming clean about who he had had affairs with, Tiger Woods apparently admitted to bedding 120 women.  But Elin Nordegren, according to the National Enquirer, seemed to be willing to forgive him his adulterous behavior — until she found out about the neighbor’s daughter. 

The National Enquirer also reported that Elin Nordegren is now in full divorce mode.  Being cheated on 120 times was bad enough, but having to find out about Tiger Woods’ mistress #121 via the media — just like she had learned about the first two dozen — must have been just too much to take. 

The National Enquirer broke that story as well.  Neighbor’s daughter and college student Raychel Coudriet, a girl Tiger Woods had known since she was 14, had engaged in a one-night stand with the famed golfer in 2009.  She’d felt bad about having sex with a married man, she said, so she had refused to answer Tiger Woods’ numerous texts afterwards. 

So why didn’t Tiger Woods mention the neighbor’s daughter while in therapy?  Did he think that having an affair with someone so close to home would be more than his wife could take?  Or did he just forget in his quest for catharsis and redemption?  Truly, there were just so many…   

The entire scandal started in the early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a tree in his neighborhood.  Strange inconsistencies in the crash story and news of the Rachel Uchitel expose fueled speculative stories in the media that would only pale in comparison to truth and depth of scandal that would follow.  Within weeks over a dozen women had confessed to being mistresses of Tiger Woods.

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    1. andrea says:

      Why is no one finding this story troubling due to the fact that this information came from Tiger’s private/confidential files from his stay at Gentle Path. I am no fan of Tiger’s, but this is repugnant that his (he assumed) revelations were released to the press after I am sure he signed a confidentiality agreement. The media that publishes this story is as immoral as the person that released the story.

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