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Bret Michaels: Latest From His Web Site

Fans of Bret Michaels have been flocking to his Web site for news about the rock and reality star’s health, which has made the pages hard to load.

Bret Michaels, Poison, Rock of Love, The Celebrity Apprentice

Bret Michaels

So for those who could not get through to on Monday, here is the latest from his camp:

Once again we can’t thank everyone enough for all the well wishes and prayers being sent Bret’s way!

As of now Bret remains in ICU under 24 hour surveillance. Further testing this week will help locate the source of the bleeding.

Look for an official medical report from doctors this week here at
Please remember Bret is, and always has been, a fighter and survivor and is under the best medical care possible.

Thanks for your support!

Michaels, 47, is in the ICU in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Thursday. 

Michaels is the lead singer of the rock-glam band Poison.  He has also made a career as a reality star with VH1’s “Rock of Love” and is currently starring on the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.  As of Sunday’s (yesterday’s) episode, Michaels is still in the running for “The Apprentice.” 

NBC made a brief statement at the end of Sunday’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” wishing Bret Michaels a speedy recovery.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” currently airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. (ET) on NBC.

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