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Pam Anderson Wardrobe Malfunction On “Dancing With The Stars” — Wait For It

Face it:  If you’re a typical guy and you’re watching “Dancing With The Stars” this season (okay, any season), you are probably hoping for a wardrobe malfunction from Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger, or Pamela Anderson — especially Pam Anderson.  Even gay guys are up for the scandal.  And for you wives and girlfriends who have noticed that this is the first time your husband or boyfriend has ever shown an interest, make the connection: Erin – sports, Nicole – singer, Pam – “Baywatch.”  They’re connected to three of the things guys like most in the world — sports, music, and girls in bathing suits.  All they need for a grand slam is Danica Patrick — for fast cars.  And if you don’t think they are not hoping for a wardrobe malfunction — especially from Pamela Anderson – and that those ladies don’t get voted off until one occurs, you don’t know the man sitting next to you.

Apparently “Dancing With The Stars” and ABC have been trying their best to keep a wardrobe malfunction from occurring.  According to Us Weekly, the producers are constantly warning Pam Anderson to dress more modestly.  One source told the tabloid, “They continue to tell Pam that she must make her costume designs more modest, or she has to wear a bra and pasties.”  

Apparently the producers live in fear of a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction moment (like the one the R&B singer had during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004, from which the phrase was coined).  In fact, a source told Us Weekly, “They live in fear of a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.”  But as Pamela Anderson told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show  “On The Air with Ryan Seacrest” Monday morning she was wearing less revealing outfits than the professional dancers.  

Pamela Anderson also told Seacrest that “I think [the pasties] arrive at every rehearsal and everywhere I go.  They hand them to me. I don’t like them. They bother me and I burst through them anyway…it’s just a nipple!”

And she is absolutely correct.  Besides, guys watching don’t like those pasties being in the way, either. 

And, no, your guy sitting next to you during “Dancing With The Stars” wasn’t clasping his hands together because he was anxious that Pamela Anderson and Damien Whitewood were going to mess up the routine.  He was praying for something else, like a Janet Jackson moment…

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