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22-Year-Old Remains Of Lysandra Marie Turpin Found; Man Claims His Father Killed The Woman in 1988

Lysandra Marie Turpin had been dead for 22 years.   Her remains lay in a covered ditch near a house that sat roughly 80 miles south of the Oregon border in northern California.  In February, 2010, a 39-year-old man in North Carolina called the Humboldt County (California) Sheriff’s Office and told them that he knew where Lysandra Marie Turpin’s body could be found.  Ernest Samuel Christie III knew this information because he had helped put the body there.  And he had helped burn the body there… 

Ernest Samuel Christie III had been 16 years old when his father forced him to help dispose of the body of a young woman he (the father) had killed.  He and his father had taken the body to a ditch near the house where they lived in Fieldbrook, California.  They had placed tires on top of the body, doused the mound in gasoline, and set it afire. 

Ernest Samuel Christie Jr. had died two years prior to the 39-year-old’s call.  It had taken the younger Christie two years to overcome his reservations and fears and the control of his father. 

But the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office recovered the remains and were able to make a positive identification on Lysandra Marie Turpin Wednesday.  Turpin went missing in 1988.  She was 27 years old at the time of her death. 

Ernest Samuel Christie III was not and will not be charged with the commission of a crime. 

California police can put to rest a 22-year-old cold case. 

Christie told authorities that his father was a methamphetamine addict and a chronic abuser of women.  He told police about a young woman that his father had kept in a hollowed out redwood trunk.  That captive managed to escape (but a complaint was never filed).  When police checked the location, they found blankets and signs of habitation, even a syringe. 

Christie also told authorities about a young woman his father had taken out on a boat, tied her up, and threatened to kill her.  She also somehow managed to escape.  Police were able to track that woman down and she corroborated the younger Ernest Samuel Christie’s story. 

And if there were those that the younger Christie knew about, how many more were there that he knew nothing about whatsoever?  How many more were abused and got away?  But more important, how many more were like Lysandra Marie Turpin and did not…

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