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7-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped, Sold By Her Stepsister At A Party

It was announced on April 3 by Trenton authorities that six people were arrested in connection with a brutal gang-rape of a 7-year-old girl at a party the weekend before in a high-rise apartment not far from the state capitol of New Jersey.  According to the New York Times, the 15-year-old stepsister of the 7-year-old was arrested earlier in the week for sexual assault and charges stemming from her role in allowing her sister to be sexually assaulted. 

The two girls, who had been reported missing, showed up at a party in the Trenton high-rise.  The 15-year-old girl, whose name is being withheld, is accused of having sex for money.  She then accepted cash to allow the young men at the party to inappropriately touch her sister.  The touching led to rape by multiple men, according to the the Trenton authorities investigating the case. 

Investigators noted that the investigation was ongoing and that they expected to make several more arrests. 

Arrested in the rape of the 15-year-old was 20-year-old Gregory Joseph Leary.  Another man, 19-year-old Tiemear Lewis, was also charged, although the specific charge was not disclosed.  Three others — ages 17, 14, and 13 — were arrested as well.  Prosecutors hope to be able to try at least one of the three in an adult court. 

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer of Trenton said: “Good people came forward to try and get justice for this 7-year-old angel, who was brutally gang-raped by pedophile animals. Everyone that was responsible is still not arrested. Police won’t rest until we get every one.”

The 7-year-old told authorities that she knew that the party was a bad place to be, but she had gone with her sister hoping to protect her. 

The 15-year-old girl was remanded into the custody of the Mercer County Youth Detention Center. 

Both girls have been part of the child welfare system over the years.

There is nothing positive about this case.  It is one of complete moral depravity.  Young men who felt it alright to have sex with a child.  A teen girl who prostituted herself and sold her stepsister.  Arrests and criminal records that will follow these people for the rest of their lives, possibly engendering a life of abuse and continuation of the abuse cycle.  The traumatic gang-rape endured by the child, not to mention the psychological and emotional trauma that will continue to be a part of her life.   

And to make the case seem even worse, Trenton Police said that there were several more arrests forthcoming…

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