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Meet The Bidens

I had signed up with the Obama campaign text network so early Saturday I got a bleep telling me about Obama’s veep pick of Joseph Biden, the senator from Delaware.

Joe Biden is no stranger to America but his wife Jill is still a bit of an unknown. I mean I am sure she is quite well known to those who know Bidens or follow American Politics inside out but being nominated for the veep position has suddenly thrust the family in the spotlight and brought intense scrutiny that follows such moments.

Jill Biden has been described as a working mother who is smart and in fact quite similar in profile to Michelle Obama. Jill Biden compliments her beau Joe quite well.

The other popular Biden is the 27 year old daughter of the senator, Ashley Blazer Biden. She is a social worker by profession. Senator Bidden has two sons as well, Beau Biden and R Hunter Biden.

The nomination of Joe would have come as a big disappointment for the Hillary fans who are quite vocal about these turn of events but they should take heart that Joe and Jill are exceptional in their mold as hard working, honest and above all true American patriots.

I came across quite a few blog reports which had announced Hillary being passed over being inundated with comments from angry Hillary supporters who are not only criticizing the choice but even threatening that they might end up voting for Obama’s rival.

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