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Casey Anthony Case: Jailhouse Letters And Allegations Of Drugging Caylee Anthony

Casey Anthony may have seen her slim chances of an acquittal in the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee, fade away as new information was released in a 500-page report made public this week by the Florida State Attorney’s Office.  Within its pages held damning testimony, detective summations, and documentation, including hundreds of jailhouse letters, that not only pointed to Casey Anthony drugging her child when she went out to party but perhaps to having knowledge of details of the circumstances of the remains that only members of law enforcement and the medical examiner would have known. 

The Caylee Anthony case has galvanized America since news broke that a grandmother had called police about her missing granddaughter in July 2009.  The 911 call sparked an investigation that ultimately saw Caylee’s mother, Casey, in jail, charged with first-degree murder.  Two months later, an Orange County public utilities worker found the remains of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, not a quarter of a mile from her grandparents’ home where she once lived with her mother.  Shortly afterward, prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty.  And since then, Casey Anthony’s defense team has been fighting a mountain of ever-growing circumstantial evidence that indirectly and directly seems to implicate their client. 

The recently released evidence included jailhouse letters and testimony by two inmates at the Orange County Jail where Casey Anthony has been incarcerated since October 2008.  Both inmates attest that Casey Anthony told them that she had drugged Caylee (she also referred to the drugs as “stuff” in at least one jailhouse letter) on occasion to get her to sleep when she wanted to go out and party.  A detective’s summation indicated that Casey Anthony used antihistamines and sometimes chloroform to put Caylee to sleep.

The chloroform information is particularly useful to prosecutors in that they found traces of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.  Authorities also found chloroform in a syringe near the remains when they were discovered.

It is that discovery of the remains that may get the prosecution their conviction.  Robyn Adams, in jail for 10 years on drug charges, said that Casey Anthony told her that Caylee Anthony had been found wrapped in a blanket inside a garbage bag.  At the time of this supposed description of her daughter’s remains, the circumstances weren’t public knowledge. 

As one detective noted in the report, “Casey Anthony had knowledge of items only the suspect … law enforcement … and the medical examiner knew.”

And a conviction will lead to pursuing the death penalty phase of the trial. 

Still, it is the defense team’s job to provide the best defense possible.  Their job now is to discredit the witnesses, the entire report, all the rest of the vast amounts of circumstantial evidence amassed against Casey Anthony.  Arguing the inadmissibility of pieces of evidence can only help their client, considering that a break in the chain of evidence or in the logical progression of the prosecution’s case undermines thier argument.  The defense must also do their best to discredit the work of the various law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.  They must do this to help bolster any alternative theories they present, injecting reasonable doubt as to Casey Anthony’s guilt. 

But what was the defense’s reaction to the report?  They suggest that Robyn Adams had ulterior motives when she befriended Casey Anthony.  “It is obvious … (the) only goal in corresponding with Casey Anthony was to create leverage to get out of prison early.”

The question then must be asked:  Does the goal of the inmate devalue her testimony, even though it has been corroborated?

“The letters…” the defense team contends, “…clearly demonstrate Casey’s unconditional love for her daughter, Caylee.”

Perhaps.  But that unconditional love allegedly had loopholes when it came to party time…

    11 Responses to “Casey Anthony Case: Jailhouse Letters And Allegations Of Drugging Caylee Anthony”

    1. willissa Butler says:

      come on people this whore has been trying to lie lie and lie to save her ass from death and she killed that beautiful little child because she wants to have fun with her gay friends and she was not wanting the child because she is her mom’s pride and joy and everyone paid too much attention to the baby! The whore is trying to intise the lawers and judge by using her breast too that stupid dork!!!Her looks should not keep her from paying for killing her bsby.She is an damn monster and she did her mom wrong and friends and lied on an innocent woman to take her place in jail!

    2. Big Beff says:

      The new evidence that she knew that her daughter was found with a blanket etc. put with the fact that the laundry bag used matches a laundry bag found in the Anthony house pretty much ties her to the whole thing.

      Since she is known to be a big liar, most of what she wrote in those letters probably isn’t even true. Especially since they don’t have the letters that the other person wrote to her.

      Caylee was found by the Anthony house, was Casey and Caylee home before she went missing? Yes, she was…….. which puts her near the scene at the time.

      By her not calling the police when it happened or even after her parents finally tracked her down is another key indicator of guilt. Since it was actually her mom who called the police. If she was so scared to call the police when Caylee first went missing, then why wasn’t she fearfull for her life when her mom called them and she was sitting there?

      Plus, the issue with her stealing her friends checks and going shopping. I know that doesn’t make her guilty of murder, but it does she that she belived she was wise enough to get away with committing a crime, but not wise enough to not get caught.

      I would like to know why ABC paid her $200,000. What did she give them in return?

    3. Patriciao says:

      Jose’s comment that the letters show unconditional love for her daughter is a crack-up! Obviously he has not read the letters. Caylee is a mere mention here and there throught-out. Almost like she’s an after-thought before Casey is switching subjects. I’m not sure how that comes across as unconditional love. Casey’s letters do show that she’s intelligent on a variety of topics, very ADD in her ramblings, and has found God which is a good thing. He is having some positive impact on Casey. I also find that Casey’s handwriting shows 2 very different styles. (And yes, I’m not confusing her letters with Robyn’s handwriting which is in there too and quite different in itself). Casey has a very up and down curly style and then a style that is quite a bit more slanted with many block letters made cursive. Sybill had multiple hand-writing formats with her personalities. I still believe Casey may have more than one personality going on.

      • Diana says:

        I noticed the handwriting as well. It shows two, if not more, subsequent personalities. She is clever and manipulative and then she is sweet and kind….She is a huge narcissist. She uses her words as a tool to help herself cope with her actions. She writes to speak it into existince in a way. It helps her believe her own lies. I am so glad someone else noticed. It is so obvious.

    4. Karla JN says:

      I am so disturbed by this story. I believe, and have from the start, that she killed her baby. Who does not report to someone, if not the police, that your baby is missing? Someone who is guilty of doing something horrible to that poor baby! Then on top of that she goes out partying. No, this does not happen with a mother who loves her child. Casey thinks she is smart and that she will acuatlly come out of this but, I hope that is not the case. There is mounting evidence of her quilt, and that poor baby deserves some justice.

    5. Odzer Chenma says:

      I think the evidence is mounting that Case Anthony is innocent. Why is the U.S. Prosecutor releasing these letters? To prove that someone targeted in her in jail? Why is he/she legally permitted to do this? When are they investigated Roy Kronk? I don’t believe for a minute that she killed her baby. I think Nancy Grace and other people have tainted most of America. What I don’t understand is why the FBI is NOT investigator Kronk. Why wasn’t the defense permitted at the autopsy? What is being covered up? We’ve read all the demonization of Anthony – including looking at photographs that weren’t taken at the time of the child’s death. Her letters show unconditional love for her child. Is the U.S. Prosecutor seeking the death penalty against an innocent person without investigating Kronk? If so, he or they should be arrested. Period. Stop gossiping. DEMAND THE FACTS. This is NO SPORT. She’s facing the death penalty.

      Kelley Lynch

      • B. says:

        The reason nobody is looking at Mr Kronk is because his name is not Zanny the nanny who stole caylee…and the fact that Casey didnt report the baby missing (her mother did–educate yourself on the actual facts before you post please) and then to top it off she has no address,phone number or any record of this Nanny who watched her child for over a year?? So, you see the only person to investigate is Casey. All evidence points to her. Read the police reports, listen to her interviews. Give me a break. Roy Kronk is just a guy who wanted to help..he found the remains..he is a hero. So please, stop blaming someone who has no tie to this. There is no Zanny the nanny…the trunk was the nanny…and that is who took Cayle Zanny the Trunk Nanny, where she was duct taped and knocked out by her mother…and forgotten, so she could get some “new ink”. Remember, the entire time Caylee was missing she was telling everyone Caylee was fine, shes at the beach with the Nanny or she is at Disney with the Nanny. Wake up…it’s clear…its in writing…read the documents. Educate yourself.

    6. Jesser says:

      THE FACTS are in the thousands of public legal documents! Read it.
      Fact: waited 31 days.. only because of Cindy was Caylee even reported missing. I don’t care what her sorry excuse was for that.. who would wait even 5 minutes, PERIOD!
      -Not ONCE did she speak of going out to help search for her daughter when she was on bail, all she talked about was casey casey casey… hows that for a grieving mother? Sure when she knew she was on camera, she did.. but it all somehow went back to being all about casey. Her changing topics towards herself only makes me want to hurl!
      Lest not forget coffin flies. Found in the trash bag in the trunk of casey’s car. coffin fles appear only when there is human decomp going on. Not Squirrels, not pizza, but human.
      All this time she was so called- looking for her daughter, she was living it up, went to parties, got drunk, cooking for her boyfriend, got a tattoo.. the beautiful life? Sure was the perfect time, eh?
      All the mountains of BS she has created in her own psychotic fantasy world all came crumbling down. Lie after lie after lie. I would love to see her on the stand! LOL. Her time is running out. How this got to be spiraling out of control is beyond me. Cook her goose, I say!

    7. stacy h says:

      florida statutes require that court documents go on public records. they can only withhold facts that can be used specifically to identify the killer and /or can be used to disspell a false confession. otherwise all evidence being used in any case is open to public viewing.
      no mother under any circumstances would ever wait to report her child missing nor would she allow another person to take her for days without contact. most mothers have a hard time leaving their children of any age for multiple hours let alone days. the feeling of needing to see them is overwhelming even if they “Need” a break which we all do. an overnight stay with a relative is hard enough and most moms cant wait to see them again asap. to go weeks is not comprehendible.

    8. stacy h says:

      oh and they have investigated kronk. he isnt that bright, do you really think he could conseal it if he was involved? no! he has been questioned many times.

    9. Muchas gracias por compartirlo. Un saludo.


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