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Erin Andrews Received Sexual E-Mails In September; Death Threats In March; Informed About Them In April

ESPN’s popular sideline reporter Erin Andrews is incensed, according to TMZ, for being kept out of the loop on death threats made against her via “The Dan Patrick Show.”  It seems that the sports reporter is outraged that DirecTV, which broadcasts “The Dan Patrick Show,” failed to inform her that they have been receiving the death threats since September.  They first contacted her about the death threats Thursday, April 1. 

Marshall Grossman, Erin Andrews’ attorney, told TMZ:  “We are outraged that these emails did not come to our attention until now.”

Grossman and Erin Andrews had been under the impression that security at DirecTV had only received e-mails on March 26, 29, and 30.  Andrews had issued a statement about the death threats and that the FBI was on the case.  But that was before Erin Andrews learned that “The Dan Patrick Show” had been receiving the threatening e-mails since September.  Most of the e-mails had come after Michael Barrett, the man accused of and later sentenced for interstate stalking in regards to several peephole videos, had been arrested.  The first e-mail was sent on September 16, according to TMZ.  It and others remained of a sexual nature until March 14, when they became violent in nature. 

Erin Andrews has been working on “Dancing With The Stars” for the last few weeks.  When learning of the e-mails and death threats, ABC beefed up security around Erin Andrews and around the “Dancing With The Stars” set.  But the increased security only came after Thursday. 

Although the e-mails up until March 14 were supposedly of a sexual nature, it is troubling to note that the shift into violent themes was not met with reaching out to Erin Andrews to at least inform her of the potential threat to her life.  She was not informed of the threats until April 1, which is 18 days after the first threatening e-mail arrived. 

Last year, Erin Andrews was the victim of an illegally obtained video of her naked that had been uploaded onto the internet.  Although the video, which was actually several videos shot through peepholes made in the walls, seems to have been originally uploaded in February, Erin Andrews did not learn about it until July.  She immediately threatened legal action against the perpetrator and anyone who participated in the dissemination of the video. 

Michael Barrett was arrested in connection to the making of the peephole video in October.  Last month, the day after the first threatening e-mail was received, he was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for interstate stalking.  The e-mails became incresingly more violent over the next two weeks.

DirecTV informed TMZ that they notified the proper authorities and Erin Andrews “immediately” after their corporate security became aware of the death threats, which was on March 30. 

Apparently, “immediately” for DirecTV means “two days.” 

It is still unclear why “The Dan Patrick Show” failed to notify Erin Andrews or proper authorites about the death threat e-mails.

The FBI has identified the individual responsible for the death threat e-mails.  The sender was a person from Newport News, Virginia.

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