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ESPN’s Erin Andrews Receiving Death Threats

ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews has been receiving death threats, according to her attorney, Marshall Grossman, and the FBI has identified the sender.   Grossman noted that the popular reporter had received at least three theatening e-mails at a particular media outlet near the end of March.  The e-mails had grown from sexual to increasingly violent and had even threatened Erin Andrews with murder.  The FBI was called in as soon as Andrews learned about the death threats.   

Grossman said Friday that some of the e-mails had discussed the case of Michael Barrett, the man arrested at O’Hare airport for illegally obtaining the video footage known as the peephole video.  Michael Barrett was sentenced last month to two and a half years of prison for interstate stalking with regard to making the peephole video, which was a video made of several smaller videos showing the reporter naked in different hotel rooms while she prepared for work.   

Grossman issued a statement on behalf of Erin Andrews regarding the death threats.  “It is correct that within the past few days death threats have been made against Erin Andrews. As soon as we learned of them the FBI was notified. They are on the case. Erin and her family are protected. It is unfortunate that there are sick people who prey on the fears and threaten the well being of others. Erin is not alone among those who have to deal with such predators. Erin is looking forward to the future and will keep all of her commitments including her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. We ask that the privacy of Erin and her family be respected.” 

“Dancing With The Stars” beefed up security around the show and Erin Andrews’ place of rehearsal. 

Erin Andrews is considered to be one of the frontrunners on “Dancing With The Stars,” along with Evan Lysacek, Chad Ochocinco, and Nicole Scherzinger.  

The e-mails, according to TMZ, were sent from a man in Newport News, Virginia, to “The Dan Patrick Show.”

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