Will Mindy McCready’s Sex Tape Video See Career Res-Erection?

Mindy McCready has a new album out.  “I’m Still Here” dropped on March 23.  Right on the heels of the new music release, Vivid Entertainment, the adult entertainment organization famous for releasing sex tapes of the famous and nearly famous, announced that they were releasing a kiss-and-tell sex tape video of Mindy McCready in April.   Coincidence?  Possibly…

“A source close to the situation” told Fox News that the video, entitled “Baseball Mistress,” shares explicit sex scenes of Mindy McCready and an ex-boyfriend named “Peter.”  Along with the graphic sex, McCready talks about her past affairs and sexploits with former lovers.  She speaks at length on her affair with Roger Clemens, compares him unfavorably with her ex-fiance and actor Dean Cain (“Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!”), and even discloses that the baseball great had bouts of erectile dysfunction. 

The question is:  Did Mindy McCready know about the sex tape (besides the confessions, where it appears that she speaks directly to the camera) and sign off on the video?   Or was the news of its release just as much a surprise to her as it is to her fans? 

Mindy McCready rose to fame on a shooting star trajectory, scored a #1 hit with “Guys Do It All The Time” and several Top 10 hits on the country singles charts.  She also notched up a multi-platinum album with her first release, 1996’s “Ten Thousand Angels.”  But her star descended by the turn of the century and she became a common target of the tabloids.  Her affair with Roger Clemens, her high profile relationship with Dean Cain, prescription medication addiction and run-ins with law enforcement kept her in the headlines but did nothing for her career.

However, she seemed to have somewhat of a career resurrection with her stint on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” a reality show on MTV that followed the treatment of various problems by noted Hollywood psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky.  She became the sympathetic character in the Kari Ann Peniche melodrama (she would appear on three separate “Celebrity Rehab” series, only to be dismissed from each), where she was accused of stealing.  Off camera, she was also involved in the sex tape video fiasco surrounding Kari Ann Peniche, Eric Dane, and Rebecca Gayheart — Peniche accusing her of stealing the hard drive to her laptop, whereon the sex tape video was stored.  This was later settled through legal intermediaries.

Apparently feeling that the time was right for a comeback, Mindy McCready, now 34, began work on a new album, the result of which was released Tuesday, March 23. 

So, again, will the sex tape video “Babeball Mistress” help resurrect her music career?  She hasn’t had an album out in six years.  She hasn’t had a successful album (“I’m Still Here” is her sixth studio album) since 1997’s “If I Don’t Stay The Night,”  her sophomore effort.  She hasn’t had a single reach the U. S. country charts since 1998. 

It could happen.  Regardless if Mindy McCready knew about the sex tape or even if she signed off on the “Baseball Mistress” video, even bad publicity can shine an indirect light on an artist’s endeavors.  Besides, Vivid Entertainment is responsible for the distribution of the Kim Kardashian sex tape video that made her famous.  They also distributed the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape video, supposedly the biggest selling sex tape video in history.  They just might become instrumental in the Mindy McCready’s comeback.

“Baseball Mistress” will be available at Vivid.com on April 19.

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