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Kashmir in Shambles

India watches as Kashmir falls into anarchy. The situation has now completely gone out of the hands of the Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti, the PDP, the Hurriyat and the Indian Government. It has metamorphosed into a mass movement with errant and unemployed vagabonds taking stock of the situation. Hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani saying “We are Pakistanis and Pakistan is Ours”.

The bar Association has also submitted a memo to the UN office in Srinagar to take not of the Kashmir situation and India’s negligence of its right to self determination. But a few young men took the opportunity to flame pro-Pakistan sentiments by shouting slogans and this created much tension of a full blown showdown. But the Hurriyat leaders are divided amongst themselves and each is trying to emerge leader of the movement. Geelani tried to declare himself “THE MAN” of the moment in the full presence of other pro-independence moderists Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Yasin Malik, much to their discontent.

The entire situation was totally neglected by the Indian Government and no clear comment was not given on the real issue. The supposed land under fire is already in use for temporary accomodation for the Amarnath Yatris and it was never a permanent allotment. Yet the Central Government didnot clarify this point to Indians. Later the BJP refused to influence the Sangharsh Samiti into withdrawing its demand and realxing the economic blockade of the Jammu-pathankot highway.

And very conveniently the Samiti and BJP deny that they imposed any such blockade. The PDP had taken to joining the separatist call of crossing the LoC instead of marching through the Jawahar Tunnel to enter Jammu and unite the masses. But now even the Hurriyat must be shaken to see the turnout in every rally sweeping the valley for the past one week. What we see now is a fresh breed of young men and women being inducted into the hollow cause of “azaadi” and pakistan-worship.

Are the Kashmiris blind? Do they not see how Pakistan is burning and her people grovelling in poverty? They are in a worse condition than Kashmiris claim to be in. I agree that the country’s leadership has failed thus far. But it is not only the Kashmiris who are feeling the pinch, citizens everywhere are dejected. The economic divide is deepening in the country more than ever but are we thinking of divisions?

If Kashmiris think that they’ll be any better in Pakistan than they are in India, then it is time to stop dreaming. Pakistan still treats muslims from India as outsiders. It is country that is being ruled by convicts like Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif who are impeaching another criminal Pervez Musharraf. I doesnt take a scholar to judge their intentions. But then people who are blinded by illetracy can hardly be shown reason. The only message to the Kashmiri politicians is that they must brace themselves to a very long struggle ahead. It will only bring bloodshed and bitter defeat if they donot stop now. It doesnt take much for a mob to run amuck if not guided properly, which unfortunately the Hurriyat is not providing.

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