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Jesse James Mistresses: Brigitte Daguerre Is Third, But Briefly

A third woman, Brigitte Daguerre, has now come forward and put in a claim as a former Jesse James mistress.  TMZ reported Thursday that Brigitte Daguerre, a Los Angeles photographer, is now claiming that she had sex four times with reality show star Jesse James in a relationship that lasted a year.  Daguerre’s revelation comes just a day after Melissa Smith’s Star magazine expose of her two-year affair with James and a week after Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee shocked Hollywood with her tale of an 11-month affair.   

But Brigitte Daguerre insists that her sexual romp with Jesse James was brief.  She says she was originally hired by Jesse James for a photo shoot.  Then they had began texting each other.  Daguerre claims to have 195 text messages, many of them graphic, that indicate the sexual nature of their relationship.  TMZ noted that one of the more “milder” ones had James’ writing, “I’ll be your monkey.”

TMZ also noted that the cell phone numbers of the text messages ‘synced up.’ 

In another text message, after Brigitte Daguerre had complained about James’ loosening up, he wrote that he was texting in secret.

Secret texting is almost a requirement when one is cheating on one’s spouse.  Otherwise, it is known as an “open” marriage — and more likely as not permissible.

The Jesse James mistresses scandal may progress into something akin to the Tiger Woods sex scandal, which reportedly has unearthed at least 20 identifiable women thus far, including the latest, porn star Devon James, who came forward just days ago.  The number for Jesse James is currently at three, but it is unknown how many there may ultimately be or how many women are willing to come forward.

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