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Jesse James Mistresses (Alleged): Michelle McGee and Melissa Smith — What The Pictures Tell Us

It didn’t take long for pictures of Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee to be everywhere on the internet following her expose of her 11-month affair with Jesse James, the husband of Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock.  The same will no doubt occur with pictures of the alleged second mistress that has come forward, Melissa Smith.  But there is something about the first picture of Melissa Smith that the public was made privy to that reminds the viewer of Michelle McGee — all those tattoos. 

Star magazine published an exclusive Wednesday about a second mistress in Jesse James’ life.  It seems, though, that Melissa Smith began a relationship with Jesse James long before Michelle McGee entered the picture (so to speak).  The affair lasted two years, she told the tabloid.  During that time, Smith engaged in kinky, rough, unprotected sex with James.  

As shocking as the news might be to some (to others, it is an expected replay of the Tiger Woods scandal), it is the picture of Melissa Smith that might be a bit more surprising in that it shows a tattooed blonde.  Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee is a tattooed model as well, albeit with dark hair.  Pictures of McGee show her literally covered with tattoos.  Melissa Smith isn’t as covered, having perhaps half as much body area covered as Michelle McGee. 

Although it is apparent that Jesse James was attracted (allegedly) to tattooed women as mistresses, it should also be noted that his ex-wife, Janine Lindemueller, also had (has) a plethora of tattoos.  A comparison of pictures seems to indicate that Jesse James liked his women with a lot of tattoos. 

Along with the tattoos, all three women were (are) strippers and have been (are) connected with the adult entertainment industry.  The next logical question might be: What made Jesse James seemingly break character, date, and marry tattoo-deprived Sandra Bullock?

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