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Melissa Smith Second Alleged Jesse James Scandal Mistress — Begin The Count?

A second alleged mistress, another tattooed stripper named Melissa Smith, has come forward in the Jesse James scandal, according to Star magazine.  This alleged mistress claims to have had a two-year affair with Jesse James, beginning in September 2006.  With the 11 month affair that Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee alleges to have had with James, at least three years of Jesse James’ marriage with actress Sandra Bullock found him cheating.  What makes the scandal more shocking, however, is the similarities in the stories of the two alleged mistresses.

Like Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, Melissa Smith first contacted Jesse James via e-mail, and, like with Michelle McGee, James then got in touch with Melissa Smith.  He had seen a photo of her posed against a car.  The photo was taken at a West Coast Choppers party in Long Beach, California.  James e-mailed Smith, writing, “Nice car… that’s my grandfather’s.”  He soon gave Smith his private e-mail address with the nickname Vanilla Gorilla, the same nickname he used with Michelle McGee. 

There’s more… When Melissa Smith finally met Jesse James in person, she met him at his West Coast Choppers garage.  They ended up having sex on the couch in his office before the night was through – which would be replayed in his first meeting with Michelle McGee a few years later. 

Strippers, tattoos, the internet, and sex in his office.  It could be a pattern in the life of Jessee James.  But, then, they are just allegations.  And although Jesse James has acknowledged some wrongdoing in his apology to his wife, Sandra Bullock, and his children, he has admitted to no affairs, nor named any mistresses. 

Who really knows the truth? 

Jesse James, of course.

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