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Ann Coulter Speech Causing Firestorm by telling Muslim to ‘take a camel’ as Alternative to Flying

University officials cancelled Ann Coulter's appearance over riot fears after she told a Muslim student to 'take a camel'. Above, students protest her remark.

Firebrand conservative Ann Coulter’s lecture at a Canadian college was cancelled Tuesday night over fears students would riot over racist remarks she made to Muslims.

Security at the University of Ottawa scrapped the right-wing darling’s talk when more than 2,000 students showed up to protest her telling a Muslim student Monday to “take a camel” as an alternative to flying.

Coulter’s tasteless comment came after previously she told a gathering that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes and should take “flying carpets.”

The camel quip came when Muslim student Fatima Al-Dhaher challenged Coulter on the remark – and told her she didn’t have a flying carpet. “What mode of transportation?” Coulter responded. “Take a camel.”

A protest organizer, international studies student Mike Fancie, said he was pleased they were able to stop Coulter from speaking. “What Ann Coulter is practicing is not free speech, it’s hate speech,” he said. “She’s targeted the Jews, she’s targeted the Muslims, she’s targeted Canadians, homosexuals, women, almost everybody you could imagine.”

Students jeered Coulter’s remarks, and showed up in mass Tuesday night let her know she was not welcome at the school. Coulter tried to explain away her comments Tuesday as “satire.”

“I can say it a lot quicker with a joke, and by the way, they wouldn’t be bringing me in here for a speech if I never told a joke, if I never used satire,” she told a Canadian TV news channel.

Coulter expressed her outrage, calling the University of Ottawa a “bush league” institution in an interview for The Washington Times. “This has never happened before,” she told the newspaper. “I go to the best schools, Harvard, the Ivy League and those kids are too intellectually proud” to threaten speakers.

Coulter, a best-selling author and syndicated columnist, was in the middle of a three-city tour of Canada, which began at the University of Western Ontario in London on Monday, and ends in Calgary on Thursday.

The event in London earlier went without incident, but not without controversy.

Coulter’s ‘Camel’ Snipe – The pundits call her remarks ‘satire.’ Do you agree, or did she cross a line?

Coulter explained the comment as 'satire.'

    10 Responses to “Ann Coulter Speech Causing Firestorm by telling Muslim to ‘take a camel’ as Alternative to Flying”

    1. Norris Hall says:

      I think the protester and Coulter come from the same intolerable cloth.
      Hate speech is just that. Angry speech.
      Our airwaves are full of it. Right wing radio and TV talk show hosts saying that they need to Wipe out those who passed the health care bill, accusing people who don’t agree with them of being unamerican nazis’s.
      That’s all part of the human dialogue.

      Ann Coulter should be allowed to speak freely.

      It’s up to the opposition to counter her with questions and answers.

      When you protest against a persons right to speak, you are not better than the person whose speech you seek to ban

      • TripleB says:

        Norris, you’re spot on. The Canadians did themselves a huge disservice by allowing this to happen. Not only have they drawn more attention to Coulter, they’ve given her yet another platform from which to shout her hate. They allowed themselves to be provoked and instead of letting her speak (then mocking her disgusting views and letting her disappear), threatened her with violence, denied her right to free speech, and put her name in the headlines again. If I’m not mistaken, she was actually invited by the college to speak.

    2. Alfred J. Lemire says:

      “Hate speech”? The Daily News’s Bill Hutchinson wrote, “firebrand conservative.” An OED definition of firebrand: “a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action : a political firebrand.” The first two parts may apply to Ms. Coulter, but not the last. All three apply to the current President of the United States, a fanatic and demagogue, by far the most passionately partisan President in the history of the United States, Andrew Jackson not excepted.

      The President regularly engages in hate speech, e.g., his ignorant remarks about insurance companies. He wants people to get angry and to hate insurance companies or banks or whatever or whoever is the target of his demagoguery. The man boils in hatred and, like many leftists, regularly spits it at other Americans, inciting his followers on the left.

      He can do that in part because of the friendly (to him) partisanship of the U.S. mainstream press. Mr. Hutchinson applied the term to Ms. Coulter, but not to the left’s “darling,” another Hutchinson term that offended me. Canada’s government, as Ms. Coulter, a lawyer, well knows, proscribes speech offensive to some. She is no fool. She wanted to make a point about the endangerment to liberty in Canada’s heavy-handed application of that proscription and about the wild unreason that hot-blooded youth on campuses are prone to display, as the yowling mob did at the Ottawa campus.

      Satire may be defined as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” Given the near-riot, Ms. Coulter exposed plenty of stupidity and vice. Her use of the term qualifies. (Would I have used it? No. But I do not have her courage and willingness to taunt the left into displaying their inherently rabid but all-too-humannature.)

      Well, écrasez l’infâme! À bas l’Université d’Ottawa! En particulier, M. Houle!

    3. USofA says:

      All this talk about HATE all the time. Am I the only one that notices that whenever somebody on the right or the left is disagreed with, the person that’s doing the disagreeing is immediately characterized as a HATER touting HATE SPEECH?? Are you dimwits so thin-skinned that you just can’t handle it when somebody doesn’t agree with you?? My GOD, what is wrong with this country lately?

      Obama is doing some massive damage to the USA and to his Democratic party, and the results of this damage shall become more evident as the days roll on towards elections. The American people are not quite as stupid and uninformed as they used to be, and is it any surprise to see how much more to the right they seem to be swinging as the age of enlightenment brings more and more TRULY free speech (internet) into more peoples’ homes? As we learn more, we are disgusted more and more, and the age of ignorance wherein the masses were fed cartloads of lies and deceit by the mass-market-media are drawing to a close. Even now, the news outlets bleed and struggle for the last scraps of food in a shrinking market.

      Ann Coulter is political satire. Much like Ted Rall and folks of that ilk. Entertaining, larger-than-life, radical, intelligent and articulate; they bring their own unique views into the political arena and attempt to cheer people up (or, in the case of the more ignorant fan/listener/reader, to scare them to death) with biting wit and razor sharp rhetoric. And every single word either spoken or written serves but a single purpose: to make more money.

      I happen to LOVE Ann Coulter (and Ted Rall too!), and would happily spend a few of my hard-earned dollars to read some of what she’s written. I find her funny and an absolute delight. I also find delightful the fits and screams from her haters, those very ones that, through acts of intolerance and violence, seek to condemn her for being intolerant. The more pictures I see of half-crazed “protesting students” with broken bottles and holland-tunnel mouths, screaming out expletives and threats against a lovely blond lady, the more amused I am at just how widespread and rampant this culture of institutionalized ignorance has become.

      This country needs to collectively wake up and smell the bull. We need to recognize the difference between news and entertainment, and we need to be able to tolerate when somebody disagrees with us. I, being on the right-wing, love to debate with those on the left, and love to disagree with views I find too “liberal.” But you’ll never catch me accusing liberals of “hate-speech” unless one of them actually says, “All thirty-something white males should be murdered and their children sold into slavery, YOU INCLUDED, USofA!!”

      That would be hate speech. Ribbing a political protester and suggesting she ride a camel is no different than ribbing a comedy-club patron by calling him a “honky” or a “redneck.” Those that can’t see that and choose to accept one and condemn the other should never be listened to again. Ever.

      My two cents. Take it or spend it. 😀

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