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The Unsolved Murder Of Playboy Model Paula Sladewski

The name Paula Sladewski may sound familiar.  Her name was splashed across headlines across the United States after she went missing in Miami and her burning and charred body was found in a dumpster a few hours later.  What made the story alluring was that Paula Sladewski was a former Playboy model, she was beautiful, and her death was a complete mystery. 

Like many stories of murder, most suspicion immediately fell on the boyfriend, Kevin Klym.  He and Sladewski had gone to Miami to bring in the new year and catch the Lady Gaga show in Miami.  He had been seen arguing with Paula Sladewski in a downtown Miami nightclub, Club Space, the morning of her death (January 3), trying to get her to go back to their hotel room.  She had refused and the fight brought security guards.  They threw Kevin Klym out of the club but allowed Paula Sladewski to stay.

Not long afterward, after Kevin Klym had waited around for a few minutes and then caught a cab back to their hotel, the former Playboy model was also asked to leave the club.  Club Space video surveillance camera showed Sladewski leaving Club Space unaccompanied at 7:20 a.m. 

America’s Most Wanted” profiled the Paula Sladewski story after a witness came forward who told police that they had seen someone fitting Paula Sladewski’s description outside the nightclub.  She was seen talking and walking with a man outside the club, but the witness noted that there didn’t seem to be any sign of struggle.  A composite sketch of a black male was released to the public in early February and the individual depicted is believed to be the last person seen with the aspiring model.

The body of Paula Sladewski, the beautiful 26-year-old model who had once appeared in a Playboy production, was found after a passerby reported a dumpster fire later that evening around 9 p.m.  But the body found inside didn’t resemble that of a Playboy model when it was discovered.  It was still on fire when authorities arrived and was burnt beyond recognition.  It took two days to identify the body using dental records.  Although North Miami Police originally questioned Kevin Klym as a person of interest, further investigation into the murder seemed to point in other directions. 

The murder of Playboy model Paula Sladewski remains unsolved.

Club Space helped raise a reward ($15,000) for information leading to the culprit’s arrest.  Those with information regarding Paula Sladewski and her disappearance and murder are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

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    1. Chuck Roast says:

      an ego driven bimbo that thought her sierra didn’t think

    2. T.W. Gooden says:

      The boyfriend did it. He left the club alone right before her and waited for her. He saw her come out alone and either hook up with somebody maybe a bouncer, maybe the alleged convenient non descript black guy. Confronted her, pulled her away, fought and killed her, maybe accidentally, enraged. Quickly thought of burning her to avoid evidence. Brilliant actually. He is a Psychopath. He is guilty in plain site. That bastard.

      • McHall says:

        T.W. Gooden’s comment is nothing but an absurd rush to judgement. Unfortunately these are the same sort of rash calls that DAs across the nation make every day.

      • jdepp says:

        And how did he get the body cross town ? They had no car. Maybe the cab driver helped him? Know your facts before you offer an opinion. Jeeez

    3. Dr. Jay says:

      Mr. Gooden,
      Her body was found ten miles from the nightclub. The boyfriend did not have a vehicle, they were taking cabs and staying in Miami only two days. The bravado you display with your “crime-solving” skills (with limited or no information) is sad. Let’s hope the real detectives are much more detail-oriented.

    4. Jessica O says:

      I watched this story on Dateline, and although it is a shame for anyone to be murdered and torched the way she was, her lifestyle was reckless and she seemed to think being a hot blonde gave her the right to do whatever she wanted. There are so many unsolved murders in this country and time is being wasted even discussing this one. She left a nightclub in a strange city with an unknown man. The reason one doesn’t do those things is to avoid being murdered. Other than using her story to scare stupid little girls who think being pretty will protect them, resources are being wasted on this case.

      • Amanda says:

        You think that because she was promiscuous her investigation is just a waste of time? She has family and a boyfriend who misses and loves her greatly, and would like a little bit of reassurance. No murder investigation is a waste of time, no matter who you are.

    5. shawn says:

      Unbelievable. Jessica O. must be a fat slob. I sense jealousy? She got MURDERED. No one has the right to murder someone and the murderer must face justice. IT is sad to see such ignorant people spout their nonsense.

    6. I’ve loved reading this weblog very much. It is good to see that you are all having fun with yourselves and making a real difference to peoples lives. Wanting forward to further contributions, thanks again.


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